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The Board of Directors of Greenko Energy Holdings actively contribute to define the strategy for each of the strategic business units. It also participates in monitoring the implementation of such plans. The SBU heads report periodically to the Board on the progress made, providing the information necessary for the independent assessment of the departures and corrections in implementation.

The Board of Directors regularly evaluates the attainment of the strategic objectives. When authorizing the company’s Financial Statements, the Board performs a quarterly in-depth analysis of the degree of attainment. The Board bases such assessments on regular third party reports, besides the information provided by the management.

To foster interaction between directors and senior management, the SBU heads attend Board meetings and report on the areas under their responsibility. Directors also meet with division heads individually.

Greenko has a senior management team comprising reputed professionals with extensive experience in the industry. They are in charge of day -to-day management of the business. Under the supervision of the Board of Directors, they ensure that the business is conducted in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the governing bodies.

They report regularly to the Board of Directors with regard to adherence and achievement of the established and agreed strategic objectives.