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The Board and its Audit Committee, have ultimate responsibility for stewarding the organization's ethical climate and compliance, as well as the policies, processes and controls that support it.
The Compliance matters are reported to the Board's Audit Committee. The committee periodically reviews compliance status and the efficacy of, the internal procedures, controls. The efficacy of compliance review ensures (i) adherence to the obligations established by law or adopted voluntarily in the ethical, organizational, environmental and social dimensions, and (ii) identification, avoidance and mitigation of the related risks.

Greenko’s instruments for ensuring an ethical climate is articulation and adherence to values in every sphere of activity. Besides all employees are signatories to the code of conduct and Greenko organizes awareness sessions and training Programs to deliberate and demonstrate the ways and means to adhere to its value system and code of conduct.

The company prides itself on the high standards of excellence embodied by its operating principles. Greenko expects its employees to principles these ideals in their dealing with people within and outside the organization. The employee code of conduct at Greenko is intended to provide guidelines for professional, ethical, legal, and socially responsible behavior. As it is impossible for this code to cover every situation that may arise, the employees are encouraged to internalize the underlying principles by undergoing online and offline trainings. The employees are also encouraged to consult and query when faced with any situation. In circumstances where the employee is unable to enquire or consult, he/she is encouraged to use his/her best judgment.

The code of conduct covers:

Professional Integrity

Relationships with Customers

Relationships with Suppliers

Relationships with Competitors

Accurate and Complete Accounting

Bribes and Kickbacks

Gifts and Entertainment

Conflict of Interest


Work Place Communication


Political and Charitable Contributions.

All employees who violate this code in letter and spirit, have an obligation to report to the management or any member of the board of directors. All allegations of improper or illegal behavior are investigated promptly and thoroughly. The investigation remains confidential as practicable and those conducting the investigation respect the privacy of all persons involved. No adverse action is taken or permitted against anyone for communicating observed violations in the code of conduct.