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Venugopala Rao Naredla
Senior Advisor

Dear Stakeholders,

I am excited to present to you our performance against six capitals. Our pursuit to optimally use these capitals and add value to all our stakeholders.

Our Integrated Renewable Energy Projects involving pumped storage, are progressing and are likely to achieve critical milestones in the coming years. The year FY2018-19 is characterized by cost optimization in operation of existing assets and preparing for major operational transition to Integrated Renewable Energy Projects and Intelligent Energy Platform.

The focus is three dimensional:

  • Enhanced generation through improvement in the performance ratios,
  • Optimizing dispatch of energy generated through intelligent maneuvering, and;
  • Cost reduction with enhanced focus on safety, quality and reliability of our assets across the group.

Greenko, as an offshoot of its DNA, poised to set new benchmarks in RE Asset management. As we transform to become Greenko 3.0, we transcend to operational excellence through empowering/enabling our people to take ownership. This model of ownership driven employee engagement ably represents our people to be Greenko brand ambassadors, reflect a sense of purpose, improves the “fragrance of win-win” at the workplace and radiates passion.

Further, we have implemented across the organization- “Greenko Way of Doing Business”. This consists of empowering people for discipline, ethics, innovation, and teamwork and setting up processes and systems for excellence, innovation, and stakeholder inclusiveness.

From the time the Greenko is founded, it has addressed the challenges of providing clean, reliable and affordable power. Greenko continues on the same path by transforming the business model in response to disruptive changes in the energy sector scenario. We are at a confluence of many megatrends- climate change, technological advances decreasing RE generation costs and the possibility of intelligent and adaptive matching of demand and supply and socio-economic change requiring decentralization. This mélange of push and pull makes clean, reliable and affordable energy a possibility in India. Greenko is and will make every effort to play a pivotal role in achieving this.

We, at Greenko, are committed to creating new and enviable benchmarks in RE asset management. In this journey, we recognize the importance and contribution of stakeholders. This report is a part of our engagement with stakeholders and accordingly, we will be keen to receive concerns and suggestions.

Venugopala Rao Naredla
Senior Advisor