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A total of fourteen projects are under construction with licensed capacity of 584.1 MW, comprising two wind projects with a licensed capacity of 160.0 MW, six hydro power projects with a licensed capacity of 244.1 MW and six solar energy projects with a licensed capacity of 180.0 MW. There are also 6 hydro power projects under active development with a total licensed capacity of 369.0 MW. We are also constructing two integrated renewable energy storage projects (“IRESP”), the Pinnapuram Pumped Storage Project and the Saundati Pumped Storage Project, with a total pumped storage capacity of 2,460.0 MW equivalent to 22.1 GWh with the national grid connectivity. The IRESPs are expected to harness the power of solar and wind resources with digitally connected storage infrastructure to provide scheduled and flexible power to the grid.

IRESP under planning:

Harnessing the expertise and experience across solar, hydro and wind technologies to address the challenge of schedulable renewable power, Greenko is planning two Integrated Renewable Energy Projects and one among these is at Pinnapuram, Andhra Pradesh. The project consists of 2000 MW of solar, 400 MW of wind and 1200 MW of hydro pumped storage. It will generate 7 Billion units. Further details of this project are provided below: