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The views of our stakeholders strongly influence what we focus on and what we report.

In the process of preparation of this report, the internal stakeholders were extensively consulted through focused group discussions and surveys to arrive at issues that are material to the business.

Consultations with and reports by leading industry bodies regarding matters that could impact the future of energy were also considered.

An issue has been considered material if it influences or likely to influence our ability to create value in the short, medium and long term. Through materiality assessment, the material issues of the company have been identified, segregated and ranked as High, Medium and Low by considering their level of impact on Greenko and its Stakeholders. These material issues are covered in detail in this report.



1. Economic Performance 2. Health & Safet 3. Asset Management 4. Project Management 5. Community Initiative 6. Technology and Innovatio 7. Public Policy Participation


8. Transparenc 9. Water Management 10. Climate change and Greenhouse gases 11. Diversity 12. Stakeholder engagement 13. Responsible Supply chain 14. Regulatory compliances 15. Land Management 16. Biodiversi 17. Waste management 18. Talent Acquisition and retention 19. Employee Motivation and Ownership 20. Human rights 21. Land acquisition 22. Risk Management 23. Anti-corruption 24. Supply Chain Management 25. Skill Enhancement 26. Processes- PPS 27. Employee engagement 28. Training and Education


29. Energy Management, 30. Succession Planning , 31. Grievance mechanism