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To preserve and enhance value creation in operational capital, Greenko adopted two strategic approaches viz., pursuit excellence, adoption and partnerships; and harnessing energy storage value pools. All functions across Greenko contribute to deployment of these approaches. Review of performance on operational capital demonstrates Greenko’s preparedness to smoothly transition to GKO 3.0. and be a 30 Billion Units electricity platform by 2023.


Strategic Approach

As the percentage of renewable power generation will grow and reach above 40% of electricity generated, the grid, consumer and generator have to address qualitatively different challenges. The new value for the RE generator would be schedulable. Greenko has been preparing to harness such diverse value pools by transforming its business model. Over and above this, Greenko continues to be agile and ready to adopt the technology as per the demands of the business. This has implications for our technology, R&D, HR and Operations’ functions.

Journey so far

India’s commitment for deep decarbonization of the energy sector would create new value pools for power utilities. The experience and expertise of Greenko in Renewable Energy digital technologies would enable it to harness these new value pools. Greenko is (i) improving the efficiency across its operations by deploying digital technologies (ii) optimizing maintenance cost of existing assets (iii) deploying people, process and systems to standardize operational responses and (iv) developing new skills, systems and partnerships for the new initiatives in storage and intelligent energy platform. The group continues to invest in new technologies and processes to achieve operational excellence and to power transformation towards GKO 4.0.

1 Excellence, Adoption and Partnerships

The electricity system is becoming much more dynamic: decarbonized, decentralized and digitalized. In achieving the goal of decarbonization of the economy, renewables are already the fastest-growing technology. Digitalization further offers an opportunity for making the renewable power generation flexible. Greenko operates its business under this evolving context. Operating efficiencies and effective management of operational assets are therefore crucial to delivering desired value to all stakeholders.

Greenko’s diverse operating assets are in accordance with the highest standards of performance, availability, and efficiency. The continuing excellence of our operations provides a strong foundation for the ongoing transition of our business towards a digitalized future. As is evident from the operational performance delivered during the reporting period.

The energy generation infrastructure of Greenko has demonstrated a strong track record by increasing the installed capacity to 4.8 GW through internal development and acquisitions of operational, under construction and active development projects. In FY 1819, Greenko added 1.5 GW of capacity. The capacity added through acquisitions includes 2 projects in solar portfolio, 1 project in hydro portfolio and 13 projects in wind portfolio. The company has over 500MW of assets under construction which are scheduled to commission next year achieving a 5GW platform scale.

The total generation has increased by 68.1% and healthy PLF was maintained in each of the renewable energy generation technologies viz. Wind, Hydro and Solar.


2 Integrating Acquired Assets

To ensure excellence in operation and to improve the overall reliability of all plants of Greenko’s orange fleet, an asset health check and monitoring program has been implemented across all 10 sites of Orange. The overall reliability of Orange Assets is improved through WTG health check and Internal feeder line inspection program.

Actions taken

WTG performance monitoring and Tip Speed ratio monitoring done on daily basis

100% audit inspections

Thermography inspection done for Pooling Sub Station & Line jumper connections and all observations were rectified

Internal line strengthening and generator star ring retrofit completed for specific sites as per requirement.

Drone inspections to improve asset reliability.


Marked improvement in machine availability by 0.3% and internal grid availability by 0.7% is the result. The generation increased by 2.0 MU compared to last year for an average wind speed of 0.26 m/sec.

3 Projects under Clean Development Mechanism

Greenko has registered 22 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects with UNFCCC and achieved 24,26,000 CERs.

During the reporting period, 20 projects were registered under VCS and one new 200 MW project is under process for registration under Gold standard.

In addition to the Clean Development Mechanism. One solar and 3 non-solar plants were registered under REC mechanism and further registration of 4 solar plants and 2 non-solar plants under REC Mechanism is under progress.

4 Energy value pools

There are a variety of energy value pools that are being rewarded by the regulator and Greenko is harnessing the same.


Sale of electricity through renewable energy certificates (REC)

One Solar Plant and three non-Solar plants are under REC Mechanism.

Further, registration of four solar plants and two non-solar plants are under progress


Greenko is currently developing state-of-the-art multi GW scale Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Projects “IRESP” in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh which will harness the power of solar, wind resources with digitally connected storage infrastructure to provide round the clock (RTC) power to grid.


6 Technology Capabilities and Partnerships

Greenko, over the last many years, has deployed systems and honed skills to operate the units efficiently. It undergoes continuous improvements, adopts state of the art technologies and acquires the best technological partners in the market to maintain excellence in operation efficiency.

7 Value maximization programs

Greenko has undertaken a number of value maximization initiatives. Some of the initiatives taken this year are: LED Lights at Dikchu HEP, Adopting new technology - Installation of TRCM at Weir site, Adopting digital technology -PLC Logic change to reduce start time, and Greenko Energy Project Systems (GRI 302-4,5)

LED Lights at Dikchu HEP

In an effort to reduce auxiliary consumption conventional Sodium/Mercury lamps were replaced by LED lamps at Dikchu HEP. The replacement was done in the Control room, Machine hall, Generator floor, Turbine floor and Transformer cavern. The project team had to engage the employees to understand work processes and lighting requirements under various scenarios. Impact on safety due to any visibility challenges were addressed.

This initiative has reduced the auxiliary consumption of the plant significantly as also reduced maintenance cost and improved aesthetics.


Adopting new technology - Installation of TRCM at Weir site – Bhilangana

During the rainy season, heavy trash coming in the river water from the catchment was getting deposited in front of Trash racks at Intake, choking the trash rack and slowly was reducing water intake into the system. Cleaning the trash rack by engaging under water divers after shutdown used to cause loss of time and reduce efficiency.

In order to address this challenge and to improve plant load, Trash Rack Cleaning Machine (TRCM) was installed which prevents chocking at intake.

With the installation of TRCM, trash cleaning / removal is faster, safer, & without major shutdown, thus minimizing the outage of units and minimizing entry of trash and foreign material into Turbines.

With reduction of stoppage time, the total generation of the plant increased. An additional 1.43 MU was generated in FY 2018-19 compared to 2017-18. Also, about Rs.430 million was saved during the financial year owing to the initiative.

Summary of Generation Loss for Trash Rack Chocking Problems


icon-9Forecasting demand and scheduling generation accordingly is essential to deliver flexible and reliable power, hence it is a significant initiative for the GKO 3.0 transformation.icon-10

Seshagiri Rao N
Vice President – Commercial

icon-9Our hydroelectric power plants are performing very well. We are using efficient GOMS for our hydro asset management, which guides us in maintaining, repairing and future-proofing our infrastructure and operations.icon-10

Prasada Raju J.V.S.D
Senior Vice President – Hydro

icon-9Our wind sites are remotely located with typical infrastructure and environmental challenges to manage the asset, which is regularly overcome by the asset management teams with a dedicated and committed team on the ground. We are using smart technology initiatives like condition-based maintenance on gearbox and bearings, periodical regular inspection of blades, electronic vigilant system, automated substation systems, regular audit checks makes asset in a unique asset in the zone.icon-10

Bharath Kumar N
Vice President – Wind

icon-9Our solar assets have achieved many milestones with qualified & experienced O&M team, adopting state of art technology like IoT, AI & ML Platform for big data analytics ensuring long-term sustainability with ecofriendly practices and also adopting world-class safety norms.icon-10

Ramprasad N
Associate Vice President – Solar

Adopting digital technology -PLC Logic change to reduce start time


This initiative has been implemented in Sumez, Jogini & Bhilangana plants of Greenko. Prior to intervention, in case when units were running at full load, when 33KV lines trip then turbine units also used to trip. The next start was possible only after the machine comes to a stand still, that is to zero rpm. This Run-Down Time from 750 rpm to 0 rpm was 16 minutes.

. In order to reduce unit’s start time and to increase machine availability, a modified PLC logic was implemented such that, after the unit trips, it will be kept at rated speed such that it is ready for re-start without waiting for run down to zero speed.

This modification has significantly reduced the unit waiting time from16 min to 4 min.

Greenko Energy Project Systems

GEPS is an in-house built state of the art project monitoring system tailored for project management, QA/QC, engineering, logistics, material management, & stores. GEPS is the means of communication for drawings that can be downloaded/viewed from anywhere and any source (Tab/System) thus eliminating the need for emailbased file transfer. GEPS is the first-hand information to the management, it helps to identify the criticalities of the project execution in the stipulated timeline. The system helps the company to identify the severity of the critical activities by representing each activity in different color codes (5 different colors) w.r.t to a predefined program where each color represents the stage of completion of the activity against its stipulated timeline. GEPS contains Business Intelligence System and can be accessed by the management. This facilitates tracking and monitoring to the micro-level with highlighted criticalities based on the project timeline. Another function GEPS provides in Document Management System (DMS). When drawings are uploaded with the latest revisions and tags, the tagged personnel are notified through mail. This system helps mainly in reducing the need for emailbased communication thus avoiding miscommunications for site and HO teams.


Moving Ahead

To achieve the goal of reaching 30 Billion Units electricity platform by 2023, Greenko will progressively expand its asset portfolio in the coming years. Deployment of PPS will strengthen processes across operations. The focus on cost optimization through technology deployment and new partnerships for spares and maintenance will continue. Further, it will execute utility scale, schedulable renewable power generation projects that are first of its kind. This will be achieved through skill acquisition, new processes and systems and qualitatively different partnerships.

icon-9Our project management is Realtime and agile. We are using GEPS an in-house built state of the art project monitoring system to track the progress in Realtime.icon-10

Ramanujam AVS
Senior Vice President – PMC

icon-9Our engineering and design process is robust. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers who are using the latest technology tools in our design process.icon-10

Nanda P.M.
Sr. Vice President – Engineering Service