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Nurturing the talent and caring for people is a principled commitment at Greenko- it involves attracting, training, rewarding, recognizing and growing. Fair, Safe, Healthy and Lively workplace is part of this commitment. People are motivated, committed, agile and innovative to enable the group to navigate through turbulent trends and harness opportunities. Greenko has adopted ownership environment complementing the accountability management system. Functional teams across the group contribute to strategic approaches to nurture talent and build safe, healthy and lively workspace. Domain & Intellectual development of the Human Capital is evident from training & development interventions which has helped for retention & employee engagement, Succession through Diversity, Health & Safety are continually improving. Innovation and motivation are improving due to with a culture that has been built for Ownership mindset.

Greenko aims to continue equipping its human capital by attracting, training and retaining Mutiple Competencies expertise of the employees. It plans on improving its diversity by constantly building a work environment that provides equal opportunities to all gender and ethnic groups. Greenko’s safe, healthy and inclusive work environment will be maintained and continuously improved.



Strategic Approach

People are at the heart of Greenko’s pursuits. Nurturing the talent and caring for people is a principle commitment at Greenko- it involves attracting, training, rewarding, recognizing and growing. Fair, Safe, Healthy and Lively workplace only strengthening such commitment. As the sector is likely to face significant disruptions and challenges, “All set” with loads of motivation, commitment, agility and innovative to sail through any challenges. We have made efforts to adopt Ownership Environment complementing the Accountability Management System.

Journey so far

People are the bedrock of Greenko’s pursuits. The Human capital of Greenko with the multifaceted competencies and expertise is the asset that spearheads the growth of the group into next league of "Decentralization GKO 4.0" from the current objective of "Digitalisation GKO 3.0", also adding tangible measurable value to all the Stakeholders.

As Greenko transforms to GKO 3.0 and 4.0, it is imperative that people are motivated, committed, agile and innovative to enable the company to navigate to harness diverse opportunities. Greenko’s recent mission “Creating Ownership Environment” and PPSin keeping with its values-SEEDIT, has yielded significant improvement in employees contribution to business outcomes and innovation


1 Nurture and realize human potential

Greenko’s engagement in this sphere is structured to impact the seven major dimensions of human capital viz. talent acquisition and retention, employee engagement, health and safety, employee welfare, diversity, succession planning, diversity and human rights.

For excellence in business performance, it is imperative that the teams are made up of well trained, highly skilled and empowered people.

Greenko focusses not only on hiring the right people but also on the other factors such as retaining talent and capability enhancements of existing talent among others. This highlights the need for effective human resource planning and management.

Greenko is the preferred brand for job seekers and the talent acquisition team has no dearth for potential job seekers and resume database. Due to the culture and employment practices of Greenko, it has attracted and continue to attract good talent. Employee welfare, annual performance reviews with due recognition for the meritorious performers and rewarding top performers across the group companies with incentives / ex-gratia has always built and sustained good reputation amongst the employees. This has supported employee retention of over 90% since inception and a retention of 93% for FY2018-19.

During the reporting period, Greenko has successfully had a Talent Acquisition of 328 new hires across all level and grades. Greenko believes in attracting young talent, owing to which 20% of the total recruitment was filled by Graduate Engineering Trainees through campus hiring.


Learning and Development

In today’s business environment, Organizations’ – need to be resilient, adaptive, customer-centric and agile in order to succeed.

Three broad trends in learning are evident Greenko:

L&D is development centric customized to business needs.

Employee focused development interventions.

Comprehensive learning model with a mix of classroom, On the Job training, Workshops, Case Studies and online learning platforms.

Learning & Development programs at Greenko are designed to support continuous learning, motivate people to take advantage of learning opportunities, and a focus on helping individuals identify and develop new and required skills.

Some of the key topics and areas of learning includes:

'Entry-Level Trainee Program' (ELTP)

Cross-domain / Technical training for the trainees

Training on Health & Safety for Regular and Contractual Employees

Soft skills and Domain Training of Contractual Employees

Workshop on ‘POSH’ (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work)

Leadership Coaching intervention (GROW – Goal Reality Options Way Forward)

Mentoring and Coaching Skills

Mind Mapping & Creative Thinking

An approach for Constructive Feedback on Performance

Average training per employee is 27.6 hours which has increased from last year value of 26.7 hours. Its endeavour to multi-skill its workforce across various lines of work so as to improve the efficacy of its people has continued during the reporting period.

KPI’s FY2018-19
Training Hours Per Year and Per Person

The Group Training Hours stood at 67,551 FY2018-19 and Safety Training is at 30,206 Hours which is 44.7% of the total training hours.

Training – In-House Vs External
Training Hours Distribution by Business & Function
Group Level Distribution of Training Hours

Due to the continuous effort of Greenko in effectively engaging and nurturing human capital, the attrition rate amongst employees reduced by 4% from 11% in 2017-18. The attrition rate for 2018-19 was at a decent level of 7%.

Greenko ensures a quality of life for employees working across the locations including that of people working around the neighborhood of plant and project location. Interventions for the wellbeing of the employees and the people is never compromised when it comes to health and environment.

As many as 105 employee engagement interventions were conducted across the group in 2018-2019. These interventions have contributed in improving the work culture and further enhancing the day-to-day experience of employees.

Greenko values the people based on their creativity, value additions, influence and the impact they make on the final outcome and deliverables irrespective of job level, tenure, or title. Greenko as an institution has embedded teambased thinking internally with the following parameters:

The Ecosystem: Have defined purpose-driven teams in the context of the missions they serve within the organization and externally relative to customers, partners, and society as a whole.

The Organization: Designed ‘front-led’ networks of teams that promote multidisciplinary collaboration and empowered decision-making.

The Team: Teams were built to demonstrate new agile and collaborative ways of working.

The Leaders: Leadeship qualities are nurtured and leaders are developed to take up progressive and challenging assignments who in turn build agile and effective teams.

The Individual: Nurturing inherent ability to build the high-performance culture amongst individual employees.

The employees are given regular training sessions that nurture their talent and to be well prepared to take up challenges. Employees feel that they are more valued with Greenko’s development interventions for nurturing their talent and for cultivating leadership culture.

The senior leadership team takes an active interest in developing potential young talent and mid-level managers for future leadership roles, thus deliberately and ‘organically’ creating a Leadership Pipeline in the eco-system of Talent Management which can enable Greenko to evolve from GKO 3.0 to GKO 4.0.

Greenko believes in the overall development of an employee, by allowing them to explore areas different areas of work. During the year 14% of the employees from Projects and 21% of the employees from Asset Management were engaged it had been cross-functional movement across businesses with a change of roles.

When new hires are inducted into the Greenko family, the hiring team ensures to - instill the company’s value systems. With a brief to all the new hires about the journey of Greenko to guiding them on a path suited for success. The induction program is designed to ensure the overall growth and honing of talent. The new hires are made aware of the HR Systems & Policies, (POSH) Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work, Greenko Values System (SEED IT), Environment, Health & Safety, (GIMS) Greenko Integrated Management Systems and (ISMS) Information Security Management Systems.


Succession planning

As organizations globalize and compete aggressively for top talent, the importance of internal, enterprise wide talent mobility has become paramount. Organizations can no longer expect to source and hire enough people with all the capabilities they need; they must move and develop people internally to be able to thrive. A new set of norms governing internal mobility is needed to do this well. At Greenko, mobility is perceived as a natural, normal progression instead of as a major change in one’s career; opportunities to move are extended to workers at all levels, not just managers and team leaders; and technology has enabled a streamlined mobility process for moves between functions, jobs, and projects as well as geographies.

Greenko has instituted a succession planning system wherein potential successor for earmarked critical roles are identified and groomed. During the reporting period, selected employees have undergone the required learning for the new roles in which they have been deployed. Also, 12% of our employees have been promoted from their current level to the next level by reward and recognition and 117 positions were filled through internal transfers.

Employee Welfare

Employee welfare across all project and plant locations is a primary concern for the HR department at Greenko. Employees are provided free food, accommodation and health care facilities. Apart from looking after its employees’ basic needs, the company also encourages people to pursue their higher education. From providing a particular amount of remuneration to employee’s children who are pursuing vocational training to encouraging employees to pursue higher education, the company has always put education as one of its primary interests.

Since the inception of this program, 475 school tuition fee reimbursements and 46 vocational & professional fee reimbursements have been processed.

In addition to fostering education, the company has introduced not just a mandatory maternity leave, but also a customary paternity leave. So far, 22 women and 14 men have taken advantage of maternity and paternity leave. Providing medical insurance coverage to the family including dependent parents is a unique feature at Greenko. Greenko stay vigilant on human rights related issues and there have been no human rights violation in Greenko’s work environment.

GRI 401-2, 3; 406-1

KPI's FY2018-19

Educational Scholarship Program

Realizing the need to foster the overall wellbeing of employees, the company has in place a medical insurance for hospitalisation through the Greenko Group Mediclaim Policy. The Policy is a valuable welfare measure provided for all the employees of the Group at a cost to the Company and “at no Cost to the Employee”. Even a personal accident welfare coverage benefit is provided for all the employees free of cost by Greenko.

In the year 2018 and 2019 a total of 507 Medical Claims have been processed for a hospitalization claim which totaled up to Rs. 1.56 Crores at the Group Level. 42.6% of the total claims settled for a value of Rs.73.94 Lakhs are for 216 Parental health cases. The employee’s immediate family claims are settled for 291 cases for a value of Rs. 82.04 Lakhs which is about 53% of the total claims.


Diversity and inclusion amongst the workforce is an imperative at Greenko. Diversity is a resource and a source of value that must be safeguarded and promoted both within the Company and in all relationships with its stakeholders.

The initiatives at Greenko to promote gender diversity are:

Mainstreaming gender in policy design and project implementation

Implementing policies to attract and retain talent and ensure a supportive environment in the workplace

Supporting women to become agents of change and to challenge cultural and social norms in their environment

Gender diversity at Greenko saw strengthening with a 28% increase in female employees in the total workforce compared to the previous year. Greenko has become a preferred choice for women to pursue their careers in the Renewable Business Sector. Every year, the company has increased the number of women it employs and today, as compared to its year of founding, Greenko employs 37% more female employees. 7.2% of the new hires amongst women (in the age group 30 to 50 Years) are offered Mid-Level Management roles. 13.42% (in the age group less than 30 Years) have been hired for First Level Management position.

Similarly, we have recruited 4 differently-abled people at different levels of the organization and continue to take need-based efforts to retain them in our workforce.


At Greenko, we have realized that everyone deserves equal opportunity. Focusing on equal rights for people from all ethnic groups and cultures, the group has no discrimination in recruitment, location, promotion or any matter related to employment and pro actively removes any barriers to equal opportunity.

For sustained focus to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion across the Greenko, the HR & the Learning & Development teams had 137 training interventions during FY2018-19, - 83 Programs Equality, 33 for Diversity and 21 for Inclusion.

Women’s Day (8th March 2019)

2 Safe, Healthy and Lively Workspace

Greenko has an objective of ‘Zero Occupational Health & Safety related incidents’ across its operations. We are committed to provide a Healthy & Safe work environment for all employees, contract workers, visitors and stakeholders engaged in our operations.

To achieve this objective, series of risk assessments and surveys are conducted in all Greenko’s business units to identify and record all the core health and safety issues. Further, action plans are formulated and resources are allocated to address these identified risks according to priority. In the reporting period, 12 such action plans were formulated and implemented.

Risk registers are maintained at all plants and the same is being updated at regular intervals for taking appropriate action based on priority. As a risk mitigation method, Greenko believes in hierarchy of controls, that is for controlling any risk all necessary controls in combination and in order taken bring the risk level to “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” (ALARP).

Hierarchy of Controls

Business unit-specific Health and safety plans were developed involving BU leads, EHS team and plant leads, which are in line with 45001:2018 and have been put in place at all plants. The H&S system processes such as work permits, risk assessment, lockout tagout, emergency rescue and monthly review are defined, monitored and analyzed to ensure effectiveness. People Process System audits were conducted across plants for H&S management by external agencies to identify system gaps and process effectiveness to improve O&M and EHS results.

Need-based safety training have been provided to all of Greenko’s employees and contract workers. The number of hours devoted to the safety training of employees and contract workers has significantly increased by 91% over the previous year. The number of hours devoted to the safety training of contract workers alone was 7242 hours. A pool of competent people have been developed in all business verticals by organizing training under acronym matrix. Special Certification from Global Wind Organization (GWO) on Work at Height Training has been provided for selected wind BU team to enrich their competency levels in execution of “Height Work Jobs”. There are 482 first aid trained persons 495 emergency response trained persons spread across our plants and projects.

Inculcating healthy and safe work culture among the employees is very essential to avoid unsafe acts and incidents. To encourage safe behavior among our workforce we have Behavior Based Safety (BBS) mentoring by experts at regular intervals. 1400 hours has been spent on BBS mentoring activity over the previous year.

For incident management, we have ties with local hospitals, dedicated emergency vehicles, EHS walk down inspections to control unsafe acts and unsafe conditions and taking immediate actions to avoid incidents. 2694 unsafe acts/unsafe conditions were identified by such inspections.

To ensure safe and healthy workspace all plant workers are covered under periodical medical check-ups once in a year. A total of 322 mock safety drills have been carried out. 2945 EHS induction programs have been conducted.

Proactive Indicators
Reactive Indicators
Caring for Contract Worker Health & Safety
Health & Safety Motivation to Employee Participation

As part of our Health & Safety motivation and employee participation, we conduct several awareness programs, interventions and interventions at regular intervals. National Safety Week is celebrated in BUs with great enthusiasm in which safety competitions like safety slogans, songs, essay writing, safety quiz etc. are conducted to raise awareness. The best safety-conscious worker and staff are recognized and rewarded.

We also conduct special safety training to inculcate safety culture among local public and children in the community we operate. Awareness sessions are also arranged in schools about road safety and home safety.


3 Greenko Security Services

From the date of inception, the endeavor of Greenko is to build a great security culture and has put in place the Greenko security services (GSS) to take ownership of physical security. GSS takes care of threat and risk assessments, vulnerability and countermeasure analysis. GSS is working as an alert mechanism with an effective surveillance process. At project sites, GSS is the main tool for reconciliation of men and material by monitoring the material movement through an online application Greenko Energy Project System (GEPS). Integrated electronic surveillance at Greenko Group functions on multiple window design principles, by providing live monitoring & recording reviews on 24/7 basis to the central Security Control Room located at HO in Hyderabad and to the site-based security control room. All site activities are continuously monitored by both the monitoring stations to provide instant response.

To cater to the needs of growing organization GSS has been continuously improving by conducting regular trainings, informal interactions, and exposure to contemporary concepts. Only due to the well-developed systems and processes GSS could able to implement the Security systems quickly and successfully in the acquired sites of Sun Edison & Orange Groups. Now GSS is preparing itself for the ensuing task of handling the upcoming gigantic IRESP projects of Greenko.


4 Greenko Leadership Meet

Business transformation has to be led from the front. As each employee autonomously owns the business outcomes, leadership has to be qualitatively different. Also, as the organization is growing and will grow in the future, the leadership pool has to be accordingly large. It is in this context, the leadership summit was designed and convened for 3 days. All the upcoming young and Mid-Level leaders participated and the senior leaders addressed. From the Asset Management team there were 109, Projects teams 71 and 21 from other support functions participated in the deliberations.

‘Collaborate’ - ‘Exceed’ - ‘Transform’ is the central theme and all the leaders of Greenko are motivated to nurture and practice and encourage learning culture. Total Ownership, Leveraging Technology, Focussed Value Addition leading to Transformation in Thinking are the main themes that were deliberated.

Anil Kumar Chalamalasetty

CEO & Managing Director

"Our core business activity of renewable power generation is a major contributor for maintaining environmental integrity and mitigating climate change. At Greenko, we focus on continuous value addition to all our stakeholders, energy market and communities through the culture of innovation, good governance and developing strong organizational capabilities to deliver economic and technological solutions with higher barriers addressing the unique challenges of the Indian Energy Market. At Greenko, we have been nurturing young talent to take up the new challenges in our business and this has yielded the good results."

Mr. Vasudeva Rao Kaipa


"Today, we are on the peak of the journey we began in 2006, with largest RE portfolio in India, hence it is imperative that we sustain and move ahead of the curve beating the odds. We have de risked the company in multiple ways-diversification of technologies, spreading across India, variety of energy contracts and offtakers- and this has and will ensure sustainability of business outcomes."

Mr. Nagendra Dandamudi


"As Greenko transitions from GKO 3.0 to GKO 4.0, it is building the assets to support sustainable growth through the systems, processes and new, best in class technology."

Mr. Srinivasa Rao Ch


"The People, Process and Systems framework adopted by GAM and how it needs to be deployed across the organization as a model for organizational transformation."

Mr. Krishna Kishore C

Head - Group HR

"Nurturing the Ownership mindset paves way for transformation of every employee to own his / her contribution to the business outcomes. Compliance to SEED -IT values builds the individual character and add value to the employees and the organization at large."

Mrs. Swathi Reddy

Head - Corporate Communications

"In pursuit of Greenko’s Vision, the employees live by its Values to evolve a Culture and transform it into a Brand that is most admired in the Indian Energy Sector"

Greenko Leadership Summit had significant participation of women employees enabling them to plan their careers with special focus into Leadership roles progressively.


Moving Ahead

Greenko aims to continue equipping its human capital by attracting, training and retaining multifaceted employee competencies and expertise. It plans on improving its diversity by constantly building a work environment that provides equal opportunities to all gender and ethnic groups. Greenko’s safe, healthy and inclusive work environment will be maintained and continuously improved.

For the year 2019 – 20 Greenko has evolved a detailed succession plan for asset management, projects and support functions, to meet the demands of the future and promising careers to the most potential and competent employees. We have mapped over 102 critical roles across the levels of projects, Asset Management and support functions for which 507 employees have been identified for a way forward succession agenda.