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Organization and people at Greenko are adapting to address the changing external environment and business transformation. Accordingly, ownership model; People, Processes and Systems; and Servant-Leader styles are being adopted.

One Constant- Living Values

One Constant in Greenko’s operating context is living by values-Stakeholder Inclusiveness, Excellence, Ethical, Discipline, Innovate and Team Work.

Greenko values are explained to every employee and partner. All induction and other relevant sections have significant coverage on detailing of Greenko values and illustrative examples of living by values. The appraisal system at Greenko rewards equal weightage to performance and adherence to company values.

icon-9At Greenko, our future outlook is driven by market needs and opportunities. Our approach to strategy has always been to create value for our customers by developing products that meet their demands. icon-10

Seshanka Palukuri
Associate Vice President, Strategic Planning Group

Changing Internal Paradigm - Distributed Ownership

At Greenko, every employee is a responsible steward, embodiment of values and reinforces the brand. Ownership emphasis in Greenko’s organizational development is aimed at making individuals and teams fully responsible for the quality and success of both the output and outcomes of their work. Ownership doesn’t mean just perfection. It means knowing why you are doing the work (the outcome) and making sure that what you produce (the output) is fit-for-purpose. Ownership is the state of mind of taking full charge of the task and does not give any excuses or blame anyone else for what needs to be done. It also means understanding, learning, and challenging not just following instructions.

At Greenko, individuals and teams tare given he authority, autonomy, and accountability for an outcome. Organizations and leaders are transparent about the strategic decisions that are being made. Our employees and teams are accountable for their decisions, as they have the appropriate information to not make a predictably incorrect decision.

At Greenko, enabled by real-time information availability and ownership model, no one is waiting for someone else to do something. The goal is to create empowered teams with accountability, authority, and autonomy to achieve business goals. The following organizational transformation initiatives are embedded across Greenko.


The teams are accorded authority to make relevant decisions. To take authority, teams are given clear and unambiguous goals. They are also provided with several "not-the-way" illustrations to prevent them from making wrong decisions, and have access to all relevant information. We encourage teams to make different decisions than their manager would, and direct their managers not to hesitate in supporting the team.


The compass for autonomous teams has to be congruent to the expected outcomes. Delivering a project on-time and on-budget is not all the “success” – it has to address all relevant stakeholders’ expectations. Organizational journey at Greenko is transition from output-based objectives to outcomes and this system will not curtail the level of delegated ownership possible from the start. We have aligned our KPI’s to beyond outputs to include outcomes which enables ownership and innovation.


At Greenko employees and teams are autonomous but still steered and organized. An autonomous team still has a guiding vision and support from their leaders. Everyone in the team knows what to do, how to , who to align and coordinate with, and whom to ask for help. At Greenko, as the alignment is to outcomes, teams can only reach autonomy regarding “What” and not restricted to “How”


Openhouse employee enagagement with CEO & MD


Ownership for the work and work with others to overcome unanticipated impediments. Ready to challenge decisions if it will improve the quality of the outcome.


Feel ownership for business outcomes. Willing to challenge decisions and work plans, if necessary, to improve the relevance of their work to the business.


Will do whatever it takes to achieve an outcome in collaboration. They have the authority, autonomy, and agility to do that.


Drive their own responsibility for business outcomes and decision making-collaborate, exceed and transform. This collectively shapes, organizational strategy.


People, Process and Systems are deployed at Greenko to supplement its ownership model and effect the transformation to GKO 3.0 and 4.0. Greenko believes that transformation is possible and seamless only when people own and steer, processes are clear and understood and systems enable people to adhere and use processes for organizational objectives.

The PPS was first deployed for Asset Management at Greenko. The objective of PPS deployment at GAM is to

Uplift the performance of the assets by way of synergizing the processes

With no compromise on the essential elements like EHS
The deployment is expected to deliver the outcome

Collaborate for vigorous churning of the process flows

Exceed the target metrics at any point of time.

Contribute to Transform to GKO 3.0

The People: Competencies Expected and Delivered


The Process – Delineating How

As a framework, GAM was divided into seven key areas for which detailed processes were delineated, discussed and adopted in these key areas. Features of the process flows are:

Cross-functional activities

Mandated flow of day to day, week over week, month on month activities

Communication with centralized teams like Tech services

Checks & balances and way forward in cases of falling short of targets.

The System- Leveraging Technology

Integrated Management Systems

Environmental and Social Management System


Celeste Solar: Analyze the trends and identifies any deviation from the expected results

Forecast & Scheduling: Deploying statistical forecasting models and real-time weather forecasts to predict day-ahead energy

Activity Tracker

GOMs: Tracking of Maintenance activities and alerts any form of deviation from schedule or quality

GMAT Tracker: Tracking of minutes of meeting and closing the action items

GATS: Tracking of assets (eg. Modules)

GEPS: GEPS: Tracking of project activities

Predictive Measures

Drones: Use of Drone camera in Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance

Thermal Imaging Thermal Imaging camera to observe the healthiness of modules.

Predict Downtimes: Development of custom notifications based on queries and machine learning models to identify anomalies and predict impending failures

Greenko has complemented its strengths through ownership model and implementation of the PPS framework. Greenko’s renewed strengths would aid its transformation journey.

Reinforcing Stakeholder trust

First amongst Greenko values is stakeholder inclusion at all levels and in all decisions. In fact, the public-privatepeople partnership has been the working norm in project execution and operation. Further, Greenko accepts the ownership of the project and hence builds a long lasting relationship with all the relevant stakeholders. This, Greenko believes is the foundation of trust it has gained amongst all stakeholder groups and this trust will always be renewed as Greenko pursues the transformation journey.This important element is embedded into the ownership model as well as PPS. (GRI 102-21, 43)

Be Agile to Adapt

Greenko’s easy transition from GKO 1.0 to GKO 2.0 has become possible due to the agility of the organization. Ownership and empowerment make the organization more agile by incorporating some characteristics of self -organization.

Each One is Responsible Steward

Greenko follows the best practices of governance and responsible stewardship. Ethics, Transparency and Accountability is the hallmark of its governance framework and is an important part of Greenko values. Responsible stewardship is the way Greenko manages the business in a sustainable manner and measures performance against own targets and international benchmarks. Greenko adheres to its Code of Conduct that outlines ethical behavior along with health, safety and environmental management.

Information at Decision Point

Greenko deploys advanced information technology to monitor the progress of project execution and asset management and makes such information available to all stakeholders in real-time. This avoids delays, conflicts and friction in decision making as also aids teams to take ownership. It enables the leaders at all levels to focus on material issues for growth and transformation. This platform and associated processes are enablers of PPS.

Technologically capable superior platform

The Greenko platform is a broad portfolio of technologies, business models and geographies. In generation, Greenko has deployed wind, solar and hydro of different technologies, scales and in many geographies. It has been using advanced information and communication technologies to monitor and manage the execution of projects and operation of assets. Further, its forecasting analytics and generating flexibility has significantly improved its commercial outcome of generation. This expertise is being significantly augmented to create an Intelligent Energy Platform. While Greenko’s success in deploying different technologies renews its confidence, the organization realizes the challenge of technology adoption and upgradation in the transformation of Greenko’s business models for GKO 3.0 and GKO 4.0.

Disciplined Project Development

In project execution, Greenko follows a very detailed process of self-discipline and agility. Discipline is one of the core Greenko values that define process orientation, deployment of competencies appropriately and using systems adequately. Greenko through its disciplined approach sets an example to its suppliers and contractors to execute projects on time with minimal cost to operate the projects. Greenko understands that the journey towards Greenko 3.0 would be complex, demanding innovation and agility, and synergies of different natures, and hence it has promoted ownership approach across the organization during this reporting period.

Experienced and largest renewable energy team

Greenko team has significant experience in renewable energy project execution and asset management; arriving at and managing different kinds of commercial arrangements with public and private entities; managing revenues and distributing value amongst stakeholders. This experience with technologies, people, regulators, distribution utilities and governments will be very critical in our business growth as well as transformation to GKO 3.0 and 4.0. But the technological and regulatory challenges will be significantly different and the electricty markets will pose new challenges. Accordingly, the experience and competencies during and post-transformation will have to be complemented.