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Social & Relationship Capital

Strategic Approach

The relationship with the stakeholders and twining with the society are strategic aspects of Greenko’s growth plan. Partnership covering the public, people and the private is the model adopted by Greenko to undertake inclusive development in the regions of its operations. As the business graduates to 3.0 & 4.0, public policy advocacy has become critical. The company and its operations are spread across the country and is located in hinterlands of the country.

Greenko respects and is sensitive to human rights of communities, workers employed by contractors and other vendors and its own employees. Greenko has taken many measures for inclusive development of the communities.

Greenko group has executed numerous community development projects. Some of these projects also enable the community to appreciate the clean energy growth and secure employment in this growing sector. Greenko group has also mobilised communities to develop watershed projects to conserve and steer the proper management of natural resources for the benefit of people. Greenko group has helped various state governments and local bodies by collaborating in various health programs which include helping COVID warriors and donating oxygen concentrators.

Greenko’s public policy advocacy has resulted in significant strides in regulations in India that encourages interventions to make the electricity system in India more flexible and involve private enterprise to harness multiple value pools in the energy system.

Stakeholder Trust Reinforcement & Public Policy Advocacy

Greenko group employee engagement activities, trainings, awards, management interactions.

Integrated Value Creation in Social and Relationship Capital


Journey So Far

The relationships with critical stakeholders such as communities, contractors, suppliers, regulators, customers have a profound impact on Greenko’s business. Greenko, as a responsible business, understands this and utilizes multi-faceted stakeholder relationships to form the basis for strong partnerships which aid the group in creating value and sharing value.

Greenko’s partnership with communities, contractors, and suppliers enable it to complete projects within stipulated deadlines, manage assets efficiently and create positive community impacts. Further, the transition from GKO 3.0 to 4.0 requires Greenko to develop new partnerships, engagement models and also transform fully to the digital mode. The transition to 4.0 warrants that the leadership at Greenko must envision the energy assets to be decentralized. These energy assets are efficient, effective in leveraging the society and nature. Transformation GKO 3.0 and 4.0 means a digitally enabled, socially entrenched and environmentally regenerative business. Greenko believes, delivering multiple values to the economy, society, and environment through the regenerative and circular model will deliver sustained returns to its stakeholders.

Greenko works to increasingly engage its Stakeholders in all the company’s activities and operations. Throughout the value chain, Greenko interacts with thousands of people and organizations that are critical to its social and relationship capital, a fundamental element for the sustainable performance of the company. Greenko has made advances with measures such as International competitive bidding, smart contracts, going 100% paperless and implementation of Automation Process in SAP. It also conducts reviews through MS Teams meetings to share and deliver value to all stakeholders.

Greenko’s C&P transformation

C&P transformation is a radical effort to change, rethink, reinvent and reposition C&P role in the organization.

Greenko has been one of the few organizations that has successfully managed to bring in the concept of circularity into the business model. As we begin to provide secure and sustainable energy solutions on a global scale, we coordinate seamlessly with our stakeholders to rejuvenate our business environment.

-Shatanshu Agrawal

AVP - Commercial

Strategic Alliances1

Greenko strives to build partnerships with suppliers, contractors, regulators, and customers based on trust and shared values that are essential for working cohesively and effectively over the long term to deliver affordable, reliable, and clean power.

Greenko aims to stimulate technology cooperation to enhance the development of alliances, and to assist developing partners, consistent with their respective capabilities and national circumstances and priorities. Greenko enters into partnerships with suppliers and contractors after diligent screening and performance evaluation based on Quality, Delivery, Quantity, EHS compliance, and statutory compliance. It helps the organization’s businesses to access capital, technology, and operational advice to become more profitable and sustainable, with an aim of expanding clean energy markets and improving livelihoods to accelerate economic growth. Selected contractors are also given Health & Safety and skill development training. In the reporting period, 13 safety awareness campaigns were conducted for contractors.

Greenko passionately believes that Vendors are the co-authors of their success story. The group believes in trust and enduring partnerships to endorse the high quality and value of the asset being constructed. A pre-qualification exercise is carried out for onboarding vendors, which ensures vendor credentials and capability to execute assignments; adherence to health, safety, and environmental norms; and compliance with statutory requirements, including human rights. The performance of the vendors is evaluated at regular intervals in a transparent manner & it provides timely feedback for their improvement and development.

Greenko continues to forge strong bonds with contractors/suppliers such as Siemens Gamesa, Risen, Huawei, TATA Power Solar, Toshiba, and ABB. The group has also entered into strategic partnerships with MP Solar Project and Tata Power Solar in 2018-19. Greenko has entered into long term agreements with suppliers for WTGs, Modules, Conductors, Insulators, and SCADA. The group has also collaborated with Tata Consulting Engineers in collaboration with EDF, France for the Pinnapuram PSP project as a review consultant, wherein Megha Engineering has been chosen as a local vendor for civil works, hydro-mechanical works and Andritz Hydro has been roped in for design, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of the electro-mechanical package. The Group has established social partnerships with various Gram panchayats and local communities to effectively carry out its community development programs. Additionally, Arcadis remains the Group’s ESIA partner and R.S Envirolinks Technologies is its EIA partner. Other strategic partners of the Group are CII-GBC, National Safety Council, ASSOCHAM, Data Security Council of India, National Solar Energy Federation of India.

Responsible Contracts

The project management process at Greenko is unique in many ways. The IRESP or Smart Contracts are categorized into two high-value packages - Electromechanical and civil/hydromechanical. Also, the contract agreement on the lines of IRESP / smart contract principles are based on two aspects, design consultants for civil and hydromechanical aspects & consultants for reviewing the designs from owners’ perspectives. This good practice in procurement also takes care of the requirements of the World Bank and Funding agencies.

The project begins with an International Competitive Bidding process (ICB), and provides an opportunity for global players in the bidding process and helps Greenko in shortlisting the most suitable and apt candidate for critical projects.

At the ICB, the terms and conditions pertaining to risks are clearly highlighted by Greenko, so that the vendor is well aware of the probable risks and their mitigation before the contract is materialized – in line with the terms of its IRESP principles.

All IFC guidelines are followed for the tendering process. Before the tenders are passed, transparent technical discussions take place. This leads to understanding the risks, mitigation measures and residual risk beforehand.

Greenko’s smart contracting evaluates the offers based on the asset life cycle and in case of any design/technical failure, penalties are levied on the supplier/vendor based on physical efficiency tests.

KPIs FY 2020-21

  • % spent for responsible compliance with Greenko CoC suppliers

    5% increase in Strategic Contracts and Procurement
  • % Increase in contractors in FY 20-21

    10% increase in Strategic Contracts and Procurement
  • Payment Processing Time (Average in different value bands)

    30 to 45 days
  • Average payment terms measured in paid days

    30 to 45 days
  • Percentage of supplier payments made within the payment period

    90 % of supplier payments made within the time period, in case of strategic contracts
  • Percentage of orders delivered on time

    85% of orders delivered on time
  • Purchase /contracts order cycle time

    1-21 days for supply orders and for all Contracts - 15 to 45 days.
  • Supplier development programs

    Capital Equipment wise (WTGs, PV Modules, Inverters, Hydro Turbines, Transformers, Conductors etc.,) Vendor development done by visiting vendor manufacturing facilities, through web meetings, Product Evaluation, Exhibitions and Magazines.
  • Amount spent on CAPEX

    Rs 111.12 Crore CAPEX
  • Amount spent on OPEX

    Rs 18.64 Crore CAPEX

Corporate Partnership

Greenko Group in partnership with WWF India is working towards the conservation of Sea turtles (Olive Ridley) for the project ‘Disentangling Sea Turtles’. Aiming to work closely with the fisherman communities in India, the project aims to mitigate threats to marine turtles through advocacy at the government level. Through this project, Greenko aims to mitigate threats to marine turtles. Greenko group primarily aims to work with the fishing industry and fishermen communities of India. It specifically plans engagement activities through various workshops, awareness drives to enable the adaptation of sustainable fishing practices. Further, the awareness programs also extend to educate the fishermen on unethical ways and ghost fishing gears that could have potential impacts on sea turtles and other threatened species.

KPIs FY 2020-21

  • Type of partnership (WWE India and Greenko Group) Philanthropic
  • Conservation focus of partnership Oceans
  • FY2020 budget range (EUR) €25 - €100,000

Supply Chain Management2

Greenko desires to strategize its supply chain model to address regenerative and circular economic considerations. The group balances/ negotiates the techno commercial attributes that allow it to deliver a viable, high-quality product that meets all the design specifications quickly and are within targeted prices. The sourcing activities of the business are aligned with organizational goals and objectives at its root. This alignment allows the business to achieve higher business performance with higher efficiency and minimal supply chain risks.

As Greenko targets to reduce its impacts along the value chain, reducing/minimising impacts in the supply chain becomes imperative. Hence, such factors are made part of supplier evaluation process. In addition, working with suppliers to enhance their capability in limited instances, is undertaken.

To enable such thinking in C&P function, monitoring of individual performance is altered and made flexible to accommodate responsible supply chain management including the life cycle aspects.

The changes benefitted the organization in many ways:

KPIs FY 2020-21

  • 8 % price savings through the development of new vendors/ cost analysis/negotiation
  • 80% innovative ideas implemented, keeping in view the 5R principles of Right Materials, Right quality, Right quantity, Right Time, and Right price.
  • Introduction of BoT (Robotic process automation) for automation of Material Master creation and vendor code creation in SAP

KPIs FY 2020-21

  • 95% of Contractors are being awarded repeat orders and the same is executed by Contractors as they are satisfied with Greenko
  • 80% of our Suppliers are being awarded repeat orders and the same is executed by Suppliers as they are satisfied with Greenko.
  • 80% of suppliers/contractors retained beyond 3 years
  • 10 Events in financial year. Discussed Portfolio Road map for next five years and introduced new technology road maps for critical suppliers and contractors.
  • 99% of contracts awarded through an open & competitive process
  • 2 long-term agreements entered with suppliers/manufacturers
  • 85% of orders delivered on time
  • 100% of Contractors & Suppliers based on Health & Safety practices
  • At least 95% of critical suppliers to be ISO 14001 certified and RoHS compliant by March 2024
  • 100% Statutory & Regulatory Compliance achieved

Smart Procurement

Greenko instituted Smart Procurement initiative for self-reliant sourcing of spare parts without compromising the 5Rs of Right Source, Right Price, Right Material, Right Quantity, and Right Time. The various steps followed for Smart Procurement is listed in the infographic. A special team is formed and assigned a task to visit different sites to ease the execution of Smart Procurement. The team is assigned a task to identify the part codes of the components. The technical data sheets of identified components were collected from different vendors and web channels. These exercises helped Greenko’s in-house team to decode and comprehend the specification and other technical details of spares. Through this initiative, the Greenko team was able to identify alternative products in the market with similar specifications. The key benefits of this initiative are Improvement in technical know-how on Spares and Services, Reduced dependency on selective vendors, Better Lead Time of the Spares, Cost Savings.

Sustainable Partnerships

Greenko has established a turbine procurement strategy for establishing framework agreements and developing strong relationships with leading turbine suppliers for securing turbine requirements as the Cost of turbine constitutes a significant proportion of hydropower and wind energy project costs. Turbine suppliers are limited and the demand for turbines outstrip the manufacturing capacity, hence establishing such framework agreements go a long way in smooth execution of contracts and procurement related to turbines. To date, the company has purchased hydro turbines for high-head hydropower projects from Alstom, hydro turbines for low head projects from BFL Turbines, and wind turbines from GE Energy, Gamesa, ReGen Powertech, and Suzlon.

Operating equipment for solar energy projects primarily consist of solar panels, inverters, cables, solar mounting structures, trackers, and the evacuation system. Greenko purchases major components such as solar panels and inverters directly from multiple manufacturers. There are several suppliers in the market and those suppliers are selected based on expected cost, reliability, warranty coverage, ease of installation, and other ancillary costs. Greenko’s primary solar panel suppliers are Trina Solar, Chint Solar, and Risen. Greenko also sources solar inverters from SMA Solar.

In about 25% instances, Greenko has incorporated supplier suggestions in incorporating the circularity in decision making. In the reporting period, Greenko entered MoU with Tata Power Solar for setting up 180 MW Solar Power Generation system at Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. It also entered long term contracts with ONYX Insight to modernize 500 wind turbines.

Greenko had sought ONYX Insight technology to enhance the quality of data from the wind turbine drivetrain to enable the adoption of latest predictive analytics. Greenko is looking forward to adopting machine learning

in addition to predictive maintenance. Greenko has managed to retain 80% suppliers in the reporting period and conducted 10 events conducted in 2019-2020 & and also 2020-2021, to discuss the roadmap for the next 5 years, again emphasizing the circular approach in Greenko’s supply chain management. Greenko also received the One, Sliver Award for green procurement practices for one of the group companies in 2019-20.

Transmission and Interconnection

The availability of transmission infrastructure and access to a power grid or network is critical to a project’s feasibility. The relationship and continuous engagement with the transmission utility authorities ensures timely access to transmission infrastructure. Greenko discusses availability with the relevant state utilities and files an application with the relevant authorities to interconnect with the network. Power from wind and solar farms is typically evacuated to the relevant grids through high voltage transmission lines from dedicated pooling stations that result in stable energy transmission and it minimizes electricity grid stability issues.

Customer Stewardship

Greenko values its customers and makes continuous efforts to meet their expectations. Customers of Greenko include stateowned and privately-owned distribution companies, industrial and commercial bulk users of electricity. The distribution utilities who are customers of Greenko often face challenges due to the inherent non-firm nature of renewable energy supplies. Greenko understands these challenges and works in cooperation with them to address and provide electricity on demand by forecasting the schedule to the extent feasible. The performance record of Greenko in providing the power as per schedule is demonstrated by low penal charges. The industrial and commercial bulk users face challenges from

Customer Profile

KPI’s FY 2020-21

  • 95% Contractors Satisfaction Level
  • 80% Suppliers Satisfaction Level
  • Internal customer satisfaction index- 4.5 on 5 scale
  • 9.5 for Utility Customers
  • 10 for open access clients

the transmission and distribution utilities and due to frequent changes in regulator determined charges for wheeling, banking, etc. In such situations, Greenko works with the regulator and utilities to provide an uninterrupted and reliable power supply to industrial and commercial customers. Greenko also sells power on the energy exchanges and interact with both the operating exchanges in India to make the trade more effective and rewarding to the involved parties.

Public Policy Advocacy

While the impacts of climate change on business are hard to gauge, Greenko’s assets are designed for sustenance in a dynamic geo-political environment. It becomes imperative for Greenko to contribute significantly in matters of public policy formulation in the light of diversified energy sources and the quest for energy independence

-Manoj Kumar Tanwar

Vice President – Energy Regulatory Affairs

We are marching towards a Net- Zero economy and Greenko will play a significant role as a global player. At Greenko the commercial management is implemented via robust financial strategies, systems and processes aligning with the organizational vision and objectives, as also regulatory frameworks. The risks are managed by identifying potential threats early on to ensure smooth functioning

-Seshagiri Rao N

VP - Commercial

It is encouraging to see that governments across the globe are orienting themselves for a net-zero carbon future. The scenario over the past few years has transformed rapidly and continues to grow at a pace faster than ever before with technological interventions. On the back of a strong resolve from management and strategic planning, Greenko is working constructively for policy advocacy with regulatory authorities for an energy-independent future

-Yugal Kishore Sehgal

Advisor- Energy Regulatory Affairs

At Greenko, 600+ professional hours are spent by senior management in suggesting the regulators and policymakers tariff policies, proposed Electricity Act Amendment, etc. The officials at Greenko are constantly engaged in providing constructive feedback regarding government policies & regulations, highlighting the urgent need for storage policy/ mission as also Hydro policy for India.

The efforts are bearing fruit and are visible from hybrid tenders by SECI & proposal for introducing hydro purchase obligation is also on the fast track. Also, the senior management is putting continuous efforts in bringing awareness and importance of Schedulable power (RE on demand) to push RE into replacing conventional fossil power. Greenko has indeed come a long way from making strategic alliances, developing contractors, earning stakeholders based on trust and shared vision of supplying clean and affordable power to participating actively in regulatory affairs and advocating the Decentralization of RE. The Group has made significant contributions to CERC for significant policy formulation.

Greenko’s efforts in policy Making/Regulations are summarized below

For Connectivity Regulations:

  • Consideration of Renewable generation asset + Storage as an eligible entity for applying for connectivity to the ISTS network

For Tariff Determination:

  • Inclusion of ‘Renewable hybrid energy project’ and ‘Renewable energy with storage project’ as eligible Renewable generation asset.
  • Inclusion of operational norms for ‘RE + Storage’ projects to be considered for determination of tariff
  • Inclusion of definition of ‘Storage including pumped storage project for integration with RE generation asset to be considered as RE project

For Inter-State Transmission (charges & Losses) Regulations

  • Rationalization of Transmission charges based on the utilization of the transmission asset by the user

Draft Report on Optimal Generation Capacity Mix for 2029-30 by CEA

  • Inclusion of ‘Pumped storage projects’ as key energy storage asset for emerging energy shifting requirement with the increase in Renewable generation proportion

Contribution to Regulatory Policy Matters

Stakeholder Trust

We are in the midst of a significant transformation with respect to the energy scenario. This trend is bringing about major changes to our markets and business structures which is encouraging us to capture the untapped potential of the energy market by delivering long-term value via new energy solutions. It is now more important to review our business strategy from a sustainability point of view to combat the effects of climate change

-Prasad Joshi

Vice President, Business Development

ESG has always been the core critical to demonstrating long-term value creation. of the projects we develop and operate. On the ‘social’ side, we feel there is much more that needs to be done in areas such as access to healthcare infrastructure and rural development

-Sandeep P

AVP, Strategic Planning Group

We are becoming more self-reliant by encouraging local supply chain via our smart procurement practices. We have also been able to retain around 80% of our suppliers, thus making us independent and climate-proof in the face of unforeseen supply chain disruption

-Prakash Krishna Chaganty

AVP, Contracts & Procurement

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with the stakeholders is an essential component of Greenko’s sustainability strategy. Such engagements are carried out throughout its operations. The key stakeholder groups include customers, shareholders, bankers, regulatory authorities, employees, suppliers, and local communities. The group follows a specified mode of engagement with each of these stakeholder groups. The establishment of effective two-way communication with the stakeholders, allows the group to create and maintain enduring relationships with all of them. This has helped the group to meet their expectations, thereby providing an opportunity to effectively respond to stakeholder concerns. The table below presents our engagement mode and the areas of interest of various stakeholder groups with whom we have engaged for developing this report.

Value Creation for Community

The essence of CSR lies in fostering strong bonds with local communities by providing them opportunities in earning livelihood and better living standards. This year we have also lent a human touch to our CSR activities by serving the frontline workers, police personnel, employees and communities to the best of our capacity. I am proud that during the peak pandemic, our employees came forward to contribute to this humane cause

-C.V.S. Diwakar


Greenko’s business model contributes to creating long term value creation for the communities in which they live, operate, and society as a whole. As a socially responsible organization, Greenko is committed to serving the neighboring communities and making a positive difference to their quality of life through proactive and smart initiatives in education, health, rural development, environment, and livelihood generation.

Greenko’s CSR Focus Areas and Objectives

KPIs FY2020-21


Beneficiaries from the Community Social investment


Community development programs


Community development support requests addressed so far

Rs.17.07 CR

Community Social Investment


Co-creation projects done through the participation of local community / local bodies/ line departments


Hours volunteered by employees


Community development support requests received


Plantation programs


Community satisfaction index


Operations covered under CSR programs


Skills upgraded amongst community (No. of beneficiaries)

Value Creation Story: Industrial Skill Training Program in Solar Energy

Location: Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh


Greenko with an objective to enhance skill competencies of local youth and to provide them economic opportunities assisted APSSDC in conducting Training programmes on Solar energy in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. The main objective of this Program is to impart industry best training to the youths and to avail them various apprenticeships, and placements. The training was inclined towards the job roles of Solar Technician & Engineer covering all the necessary aspects of Solar Energy.


The above Program is taken up on a pilot basis with a one-month residential Training for a batch of 30 students, each covering both classroom and On-the- Job-Training (OJT). The Certified Training is given with the support of Greek’s inhouse trainers. The collaborative program includes the following steps:

  • Identified focus sectors for training candidates and fill identified skill gaps
  • Identified job roles for imparting training to the candidates duly utilizing in-house training capacities.
  • Mobilizing, screening and selection of the candidates from different districts across the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Provided curriculum, trainers and training space along with necessary infrastructure for the training.
  • Preparation of soft skills module to train the candidates for basic linguistic skills, basic computer literacy, office etiquette etc.
  • Provided On-the-Job training to candidates for the identified job role.
  • Provided joint certification to the candidates.
  • Facilitated the placement of the candidates who successfully completed the training

Program Achievements

The training was conducted in two batches and the details are given below:

*Due to the second wave of Covid-19 the placement could not be completed for remaining students

Value Creation Story: Sustainable Livelihood improvement through integrated watershed programs

Location: Beed District, Maharashtra


Greenko and NABARD carried out the Integrated Watershed Development program under the Watershed Development Fund (WDF) scheme in Pimpalgaon Ghat and Marathwadi taluks of Beed district. A longterm vision was developed to align CSR with the watershed program for enhancing the agricultural outputs of this drought prone regions and improve livelihoods of the community. This program involves the repair and de-siltation of existing Water Harvesting Structures (WHS) and construction of new structures. Capacity building programs through Trainings, Awareness, Visits, on Water Management practices were also conducted.

Key Achievements

The key impact of the first Mid-term study conducted using GIS and Remote Sensing technologies are summarised below:

(i) Change in Annual Land Use Land Cover Class

(ii) Economic impact

As per the estimate, above mentioned increase in area under double and triple cultivation has increased gross income by approximately Rs 45 Lakh per annum

Farm Bund (FB) with pipe outlet

Water Absorption Trench (WAT)

Water stored in de-silted Check Dam

Micro-Irrigation system

Drinking water system

Value Creation Story: Community Drinking Water System Powered by Solar PV System

Location: Haveri district, Karnataka


Greenko with the help of Tadas Wind Energy Private Limited (TWEPL) and Lalpur Wind Energy Private Limited (LWEPL) effectively carried out Hybridization of one of the Bore Well Pump with the Solar system in Jekinakatti Village. This helped in achieving uninterrupted water supply and induced a cut in electricity bills.

Key achievements

Greenko’s Covid-19 Interventions

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts have become essential amidst the raging COVID-19 pandemic, where businesses are trying their best to cope with a global health crisis, resulting in unprecedented restructuring of resources in terms of both speed and scale of mobilisation. The pandemic has affected both personal and professional lives across industries of all scales and types, thereby multiplying relief efforts through the cooperation of all kinds of entities.

Greenko recognised the global challenge and severity of the crisis in India and

Greenko’s Covid-19 Community Interventions Dashboard

The following sections provide a brief on some of the COVID-19 relief efforts implemented in the last one year.

Financial Contribution to Government

In March 2020, during the first wave of Covid-19 in India, Greenko prioritised the need to offer financial aid to the Central and State Governments to support their efforts in tackling the challenges posed by the Covid-19 situation and its consequent socio-economic impact. A significant Covid-19 outbreak in India resulted in an acute shortage of ventilators, personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, masks and gloves, as well as Covid-19 testing kits.

Greenko provided financial contribution of more than Rs 15 crore for Covid-19 relief efforts, channelized through the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, Chief Minister’s Relief Funds of Governments of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

As Greenko deeply cares for its people and communities located at its operational presence, financial contributions were also made to the local District level authorities to carry out the relief efforts locally. The above support aided the relief efforts in procuring healthcare equipment and most critical items including ventilators, personal protective equipment (PPE), testing kits, gloves, and N95 masks etc.

Financial Support for State Government of Himachal Pradesh

Oxygen Supplies during the Second Wave

The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic that began in March 2021 reached catastrophic proportions in the month of April and one of the most pressing concerns has been a shortage of medical grade oxygen for treating patients. Identifying the requirement of Oxygen suppliers and understanding the evolving situation, the Covid task force at Greenko activated its global supply chains and focused on strengths to bring in critical oxygen support infrastructure and equipment.

The focus was on expeditiously procuring the much-needed oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, medical grade oxygen plants and cryogenic oxygen containers. As one of the largest clean energy companies in India, the company has established reliable and medium-term supply chains quickly by navigating the diplomatic, geopolitical and logistical channels and airlifted over 1200 medical grade 10 lpm oxygen concentrators to multiple states in India. The above support has created over 1200 oxygen beds in remote locations and saved thousands of lives. In addition to providing Oxygen Concentrators at the State level, as per the emerging needs, Greenko has also supported the efforts to improve health infrastructure at the local level, specifically at its operational presence by providing oxygen concentrators for regional Covid Care Centers, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, Oximeters, hospital beds for local primary health facility and District hospitals. To address the possible challenges in next waves, Greenko has revived 60 TPD medical oxygen plants near Hyderabad that would be producing over 45 tonnes of medical oxygen within a record period of one month in coordination with the local industrial corporation. This augmentation has enhanced the overall capacity of Telangana by 40%. In addition, the installation of Oxygen generation plant of 500 Liters/min in Govt Hospital, Kurnool is in progress.

Providing Oxygen Concentrators to State Governments of Telangana & Tamil Nadu

Support to Corona Warriors

As the country was in an extended period of lockdown during the first and second wave of Covid-19, in an exemplary display of grit and determination the staffs of Health Department, Police Department, Municipal & Sanitation Workers and other Government staff were fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Responding to the needs of frontline workers to stay safe and recognize the sacrifices made by them Greenko has supported over 10000 Corona warriors in various states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh by providing masks & sanitizers, PPE Kits, readymade food packets, drinking water and other energy drinks

Distribution of PPE Kits and other support to Corona warriors

Greenko’s Covid-19 Interventions

Greenko Group has unlocked their global supply chain network to airlift critical oxygen support systems into India.

Build & Operating 60 TPD medical oxygen plant in Hyderabad in the state of Telangana.

Appreciation from 6 Heads of State for timely support

Greenko has received appreciation from six state governments for the timely intervention during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Distribution of Covid Relief Items to the Community and Students_Ratnagiri_Mahrashatra

Fighting Lockdown Induced Hunger

In the midst of the pandemic with the government lockdowns and closure of economic activities, a large number of people - specifically the daily wage labourers and people below poverty level, were found to be suffering due to lack of food and it posed a fear among the authorities that was probably bigger than the pandemic itself. Greenko believed food distribution remains a key social security measure to reduce food deprivation, especially in emergency situations. Therefore, Greenko distributed groceries and essential food items to needy people in different states and villages of its operational presence.

Grocery such as rice, oil, dal, sugar and vegetables were distributed through the Village Panchayats, local MLAs and employee volunteers. So far, the Company has provided over 5000 Grocery kits and helped the poorest of the poor to cope with the lockdown induced hardships.

Distribution of Groceries to the Needy

Response To Community Sanitation Needs

Preventive healthcare directly improves health, well-being and productivity of community and lack of sanitation and hygiene practices have an undeniable link to the spread of diseases like COVID-19. Greenko reinforcing its commitment towards its battle against COVID-19, has initiated relief efforts at community level by providing hygiene kits, masks, sanitizers, thermal scanners for vulnerable communities located in and around its operational presence. Greenko’s village level community and school sanitation measures reached over 2,00,000 people in rural and semi urban areas.

Awareness For Containment and Prevention

Apart from distribution of hygiene and safety essentials, building community knowledge on safety constituted an important pro-active engagement with local communities. Greenko has constantly engaged in spreading awareness about maintaining proper hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing by conducting awareness and informative sessions with the help of employees.

Greenko’s awareness programs

1(GRI 102-9, 102-13)

2(GRI 204-1)

Looking Ahead

Greenko is constantly working towards CSR targets and goals set for 2021. The goals set under the above- discussed focus areas that are in line with the SDGs 2030 are as under.

  • Education: To be able to make a difference to about 15,000 students through its interventions in government-run schools, among children and the community near their operational presence.
  • Healthcare: To be able to provide access to quality Health care to over 50,000 people living in communities around operational presence.
  • COVID-19 mitigation measures and contributions
  • Rural development:To be able to improve the living standards of over 100,000 people mainly by way of improving the basic amenities and rural infrastructure in the neighbouring villages.
  • Livelihoods:To be able to provide an opportunity for improving the livelihoods of over 25,000 people mainly by way of providing skill training in the neighbouring villages.
  • Environment:To be able to plant and care at least 200,000 trees in and around the group’s operational presence and neighbouring communities.
  • Impact Assessment:To conduct a third-party impact assessment of CSR interventions and SROI of the projects commenced and delivered by Greenko.

Further, Greenko looks forward to defining the array of potential benefits for both the communities and for the people. Through smart partnering with suppliers, customers, regulators, and the government, community benefit is not only a reasonable objective, but it also ensures long-term success. The group will continue to implement its CSR project with consistency and strong determination in times to come.