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Greenko is passionately implementing sustainability and ESG initiatives and enabling the stakeholders to understand true value; both tangible and intangible. Greenko is ensuring that the key focus is not only on financial capital but also on the material issues of non-financial capitals. To communicate further down and deploy the Business Strategy and Value creation model, the Sustainability team has conducted <IR> Conclaves to engage leaders of GAM (Greenko Asset Management) & shared functions to create momentum towards the adoption of Greenko’s Value creation process and Business strategy across functions and locations.

As the entire world looks up to the implementation of Integrated Reporting as a path for long term value creation and sustainable living, we at Greenko have in place frameworks and guiding platforms such as our annual IR Conclaves to bring together all the stakeholders on a common platform for effective exchange of ideas and brainstorm on the sustainability focus areas relevant to our business as also to understand and address the stakeholder concerns. We believe that a transparent measurement and disclosure is essential to enhance the sustainability spirit both in the psyche and deeds, such open dialogues help the stakeholders to progressively pave the road ahead on achieving the targeted sustainability goals.

- Vijay Joshi

Senior Manager, GIMS

<IR> Conclaves were conducted at the following four locations:

  • Fortune Five hydel Projects Private Limited (FFHPL, Karnataka) on 27th and 28th February 2021 for GAM-Wind,
  • Kurnool on 4th and 5th March 2021 for GAM Solar,
  • Palampur on 10th and 11th March 2021 for GAM Hydro
  • Head Office (HO) on 13th August 2021

The teams presented the value creation stories and awards were given under the Diamond, Platinum, Gold category while 200 GAM leaders and 50 business leaders are recognized as Greenko certified sustainability practitioners. This year the conclaves have focused on the following important issues:

  • Integrated Thinking, Reporting & Strategy.
  • Embedding Integrated thinking in the corporate goals and strategies.
  • Sustainable Value Creation
  • New Thinking New Energy

These <IR> conclaves were conducted on the theme ‘Integrated Thinking for Sustainable Value Creation’ which provided an opportunity to connect teams across different plants, build a collaborative culture, and engage a broad range of disciplines enabling integrated thinking for the organization’s long-term vitality.

In the <IR> Conclaves the following aspects were achieved:

  • Exchanging insightful ideas, actionable suggestions through strategic thinking, and innovation.
  • Gaining advanced knowledge and learning to use a comprehensive approach to create effective sustainability strategies.
  • Understanding the Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) strategy.
  • Learning on how Sustainability can form a strong business case through updated and relevant case studies, videos, and exercises

Synopsis of <IR> Conclaves