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Greenko’s Strategic Approach1

1(GRI 103-2)

Financial Capital

Greenko aims at optimum utilization of financial resources for delivering consistent economic value to all of its stakeholders. In the pursuit of its vision and mission, Greenko endeavors to tap diverse capital sources and pursue both organic and inorganic growth aimed at being amongst the top 3 power utilities in India. The Group strives to achieve its financial goals through sound planning and investment while ensuring that the operational KPIs are in alignment with the benchmarked internal and external standards for better and higher productivity in the long run.

Manufactured Capital

To preserve and enhance operational asset value and project management, Greenko has adopted the following effective strategic approaches viz. Excellence, Adoption and Management of Assets and Projects; Contract and Procurement Management; Quality Assurance and Quality Control; Energy Storage Value Pools and Transition towards the circular economy. Greenko’s Project and Asset Management team is constantly monitoring the operational KPIs and modifying the strategic approaches in constantly changing market conditions.

Intellectual Capital

Innovation and Digitization is the focus of the transformational journey at Greenko as it helps the Group to capture and transform renewable energy. Greenko is also determined in building an Intelligent Energy Platform and Pumped Storage projects for firm and RTC energy generation, investment in advanced analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and deployment of systems to improve asset management by predictive maintenance, real-time remote monitoring, and intervention.

Human Capital

People are at the core of Greenko’s success today and tomorrow. Greenko’s commitment and value proposition for the development of Human Capital is by nurturing talent, caring for people, and leveraging the employees’ passion and potential appropriately. This is supported by Learning & Development initiatives to have a pool of competent talent of resources for the sustainable business portfolios of the Group.

Social and Relationship Capital

Through its business operations, Greenko contributes to sustainable development of many people. Greenko’s partnership with communities enables the Group to deploy projects on time, manage assets efficiently, and provides a broader social license to operate. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Greenko has realized its role as a responsible corporate citizen by providing aid to communities in the form of vaccination for employees and their families, supplying oxygen concentrators, trained healthcare teams with equipment to remote areas etc.

Natural Capital

Greenko is committed to following sustainable business practices and is proactively contributing towards the integration of renewable energy into the national grid and conserving the biodiversity in the areas of its operation. Greenko is making efforts through innovative business models to reduce the GHG emissions occurring due to its business operations. In addition, Greenko is also committed to the responsible consumption and conservation of natural resources.