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Identifying new market technical challenges and potential technological advancements has been Greenko’s niche area. This leads to cost optimization as well as better technology solutions. We have managed to incorporate more local elements in our design with in-house innovation from the technical team.

- Deepak Kumar Gopalani

VP- Designs

Greenko is developing multiple utility-scale, long-duration, and low-cost pumped storage projects across India to deliver cost-effective, inflation-proof, schedulable, dispatchable and firm Renewable Power to Businesses and the Government to meet their climate change commitments. By generating this zero-carbon-low-cost firm power, Greenko will offer cost-effective Zero Carbon molecules to power decarbonization of energy intensive Industrial sectors in India and abroad. Greenko has positioned itself to set on a path of exponential growth in storage space and has nearly 100 GWh of storage capacity projects in the pipeline. The storage projects under the development phase and the construction/design phase are represented, in the figure on the next/ adjacent page.

Greenko Intelligent Energy Utility Platform

The Intelligent Energy Utility Platform in place which aims to provide key ustainable grid solutions for a green energy future. It helps the organization in identifying the new market opportunities and their potential sizes such as the Schedulable Energy Market, Storage Market, unlocking new Energy Value Pools, ancillary services, and grid management.

IRESP Pinnapuram

Greenko’s Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Project (IRESP) is the world’s first and largest Gigawatt-scale integrated project that combines solar, wind, and pumped storage omponents and is located at Pinnapuram. The power from all the three components will be commonly pooled as all the three elements of the project are closely situated in the Pinnapuram IRESP area.

The IRESP consists of four key components which are as follows,

Pinnapuram Project Snapshot

IRESP Saundatti

Saundatti Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Project (IRESP) has been envisaged to be a 2.66 GW project comprising of 1.26 GW of Standalone Pumped Storage Project (PSP), 1.0 GW Solar, and 0.4 GW Wind energy project. Thereby, Greenko is planning to harness PSP, solar, and wind potential in the state of Karnataka to supply dispatchable and schedulable renewable energy to the national grid.

IRESP Rajasthan

There is one more Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Project (IRESP) proposed in Rajasthan with the standalone pumped storage project (PSP) located in the Baran district while the Solar and Wind parks would be located in the Pali district. The PSP has a designed generation capacity of 2.52 GW along with a storage capacity of 17.7 GWh. The Solar and Wind parks have a designed capacity of 3.6 GW and 0.9 GW respectively.