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Greenko has in total 133 sites across 15 states in India, including both the operational assets as well as the projects that are under construction. During the reporting year FY 2020- 21, the total gross generation from the total combined operational assets (Solar, Hydro and Wind) accounted for around 9745 MU. The individual share of power generation from Wind, Hydro, and Solar are presented below in terms of percentage:

Overview of the Greenko Group’s Assets

Business in Solar Power

In 2015, the Indian government expanded its solar plans, targeting 100 billion USD in investment, intended towards the installation of 100 GW of solar capacity (including 40 GW from rooftop solar) by 2022. Until today, around 34.6 GW of overall solar capacity has been installed in India, out of which Greenko group owns around 2.2 GW of solar PV installations that account for almost 6.35% of the total installed capacity in the country.

Greenko has developed, engineered, and constructed, its solar assets in such a way that they are strategically located across the country’s landscape. Greenko can expedite the implementation of solar PV parks efficiently in a short time as it has strong partnerships with tier 1 technology suppliers. Using the best of cutting-edge technologies and benchmark systems, the solar assets established by Greenko yield high energy in real-world conditions with stable grid integration.

Solar Portfolio

  • Operating Capacity (in GWp)


  • Inverter Installed (in No’s)


  • Number of Solar sites


  • Transmission lines (in km)


  • Solar Modules (in Nos.)


  • Revenue (in USD Mn)


Ghani Solar Park

Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

With an increasing focus for higher renewable energy share in business operations, we have scaled up our solar asset management considerably to rapidly address the new climate challenges. We are continuing our pursuit for circularity of our assets and are strengthening it further by enhancing our in-house operation and maintenance capabilities.

- Ramprasad N

AVP, GAM-Solar

The group has been incorporating custom-built solutions to address the operational challenges of our solar assets spread in different topographies and environments. Greenko has taken progressive steps by upskilling ground staff to successfully handle daily disruptions.

- Srinivas Naidu

Sr. GM, GAM-Solar

Hydro Portfolio

  • Operating Capacity (in GW)


  • Number of Hydro sites


  • Transmission Line (in km)


  • Turbines (in No’s)


  • Revenue (in USDMn)


A still from 96 MW Dikchu hydro-electric project, Sikkim

We’ve done a lot of thinking about how climate change will affect our business, particularly whether there’ll be an impact on the amount and timing of water going into our catchments, which directly affects our financial results. Our modelling shows that the seasonal timing of water is changing. We’ve incorporated this timing shift into our water modelling so that we can better manage our water resources.

- Prasada Raju J.V.S.D

Sr. VP, GAM-Hydro

By deploying state-of-the-art technologies to store energy, we are planning to harness the dynamic and impressive hydropower potential by integrating with our intelligent energy platform. This will allow us to be resilient and provide reliable power, given the variability in weather conditions and extreme flooding events.

- Suresh Chand Kalsi

General Manager, GAM Hydro

Wind Portfolio

  • Installed Capacity (in GW)


  • The number of Wind Farms (in Nos.)


  • Transmission Line (in km)


  • Turbines (in No’s)


  • Revenue (in USDMn)


Rayala Wind Farm, Ananthapur District, Andhra Pradesh

This year has tested exceptional resilience in terms of human capabilities and assets to adapt to changing climate by building in-house technologies. Our WINSOM projects have proved effective in O&M excellence, Cost reduction, Revenue enhancement, and Circularity. We are future-ready to face the challenges in guarding the assets and extending its life.

- Bharath Kumar N

VP, GAM-Wind

These uncertain times have been a blessing in disguise where we got an opportunity to build the capacities of in-house teams to deal with operational challenges in innovative ways, in the shortest possible time.

- Mallikarjun U