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Business Continuity in Covid-19 Pandemic

In the year FY 2020-21, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world forcing countries implement lockdowns to contain the spread of the coronavirus. India had implemented one of the world’s stringent lockdowns to prevent fatalities from the pandemic and to protect healthcare systems which were already under pressure.

The pandemic has taught us to question ourselves on how we can make our employees and businesses resilient and differentiate between ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘need-to-have’.

- Mohan Rao M


Greenko faced a challenge during such a time to deliver system-critical electricity and continue to operate and maintain its plants and construction sites despite the many restrictions. Greenko as an organization has always been prepared for and put in place plans for a range of contingencies including climate risks. However, for the Covid-19 pandemic all plans had to be revised and adapted to an ever-changing dynamic situation. This included Covid prevention and management trainings to the group employees, helping the communities and frontline workers and addressing the challenges faced in keeping wind, solar and hydro operations running at this crucial time.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Resilient Workforce during Covid:

During FY 2020-21, the group has adhered to government protocols for Covid-19 such as social distancing and implemented a strict staggered rotation of employee schedules. All employees were educated on preventive measures through circulars, posters, and health trainings. The organization also ensured that employees were sensitized about the use of hand sanitizers, masks, sanitization of all the office premises on a regular basis. Regular monitoring of employees using non-contact digital thermometer gun and in-house Covid testing also ensured smooth running of business operations by reducing the time-to-treatment during the pandemic. As per government guidelines, the organization has facilitated Covid vaccination (both 1st and 2nd doses) for ~2200 eligible employees and their families.

Greenko is committed to build a culture of care and safety during the times of pandemic. The group has conducted appropriate trainings for all of its employees including contract employees across all locations to create awareness for COVID prevention and management. A 6-member COVID committee under the leadership of CEO & MD was constituted with a ‘24/7 Helpline’ for real time monitoring of employees and their families. The priority of the committee is the safety of all the employees and their families. Employees with any kind of symptoms of any illness or in ‘Red Zone’ are quarantined and subjected to COVID test for confirmation. They are also provided with required food, supplements, medicines and other medical assistance as per doctor’s advice. A health bulletin is also published every day for all internal stakeholders via a tracker about employees’ Health & Well-being. In addition to this, PPE kits were distributed to the employees, their families, in local communities including authorities, police personnel and frontline workers.


Quality of Service:

Greenko’s business is a highly dispersed and diversified one with logistics being a fundamental challenge in maintenance and operations. The company under GAM established Central Monitoring Command Centers (CMCC) in Anantapur cluster for WIND, at Kurnool cluster for SOLAR and at respective Hydro plants for critical monitoring of operations and maintenance. Every cluster was given additional daily virtual support through bridge calls for 2 hours by respective business heads and HR teams to ensure smooth operations. Moreover, the plant employees took complete ownership and went beyond the scheduled hours to extend support, thus maintaining ‘Zero Disruption’. The locations which were notified in ‘Red Zones’ for the Covid-19 pandemic by local authorities, appropriate arrangements for food and shelter were made for employees who stayed back for plant operation. All plants and sites of operation were sanitized on a regular basis with weekly EHS, contract and procurement meetings conducted to address operational and employee safety. It took intricate planning and execution from all employees across functions to explore the availability and stocking of spare parts for maintenance, ensuring smooth power generation and maintenance. Communication was a key part during the pandemic, MS Team calls and WhatsApp chats formed an intrinsic part of continuous communication to keep employee morals high at all times.

Under the leadership of the company’s CEO & MD, Mr. Anil Kumar C, a ‘Covid Committee’ was formed for the safety of the employees and their immediate family with a team of dedicated professionals to extend requisite support ‘round the clock’. Greenko has evolved as a humane institution, caring for its employees, thus, ensuring compliance to the value of ‘Stakeholder Inclusiveness’. During the first and second waves of Covid-19, employees and their dependents who had to be hospitalized, were extended critical medical support and the entire hospitalization expense was borne by the Greenko Group.

  • All Greenko employees and their dependents were vaccinated and the cost of vaccination was borne by the organization.

  • The group also extended medical support through doctor’s consultation, hospitalization expenses and diagnostic tests to employees and their families.

Greenko extended its support through its trained healthcare teams, complete with equipment for remote areas which received appreciation from 6 heads of states for timely intervention. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a total of 180 Covid related hospitalizations were required of which 73 people were Greenko employees and 107 people were dependents of employees. The management also extended compensation support through monthly salary to the legal heir of the deceased employees (7), based on their remaining years of service, until the date of superannuation of the deceased employees.