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Compliance and Ethics – Norms to Conduct Business1

Greenko group adheres to the values in every segment of its business operations and drives its employees to adhere to its code of conduct by creating awareness through induction and training programs. Every employee is a signatory to the code of conduct policy. Through this strict adherence, Greenko has been more successful in carrying out the business activities in an ethical, transparent, and accountable manner.

The company embodies high standards in its operating principles and the code of conduct and core values form the bedrock of its daily operations. Greenko encourages its employees to deal with a situation in line with the code of conduct and makes decisions accordingly. Code of Conduct cannot possibly always address all the situations and the employees are encouraged to consult the management and derive decisions. In circumstances where the employees are unable to consult, they are encouraged to arrive at a best autonomous solution. This is intended to develop ethical, transparent, accountable and socially responsible behaviour among the employees. The ultimate responsibility for stewarding the organization’s ethical climate, compliance with policies, process and control is vested with the Board and Audit committees. HR officers also serve as ethical counsellor for the site. The employees are educated on the code through trainings during induction programs, and regular training programs.

The code of conduct covers:

  • Professional Integrity Relationships and Customer Relationships with Suppliers

  • Relationships with Competitors Accurate and Complete Accounting Bribes and Kickbacks

  • Gifts and Entertainment Conflict of Interest Confidentiality

  • Workplace Communication Safety

  • Political and Charitable Contributions

All employees who witness or doubt/ suspect violation of this code in letter and spirit, have an obligation to report to the management or any member of the Board of Directors. All allegations of improper or illegal behaviour are investigated promptly and thoroughly. The investigation remains confidential as practicable and those conducting the investigation respect the anonymity of the complainant and privacy of all persons involved. No adverse action is taken or permitted against anyone for communicating observed violations in the code of conduct.

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