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Renewable Energy Generation Sources complemented with Long Duration Energy Storage - crafted to be cost-effective and flexible, opened up immediate possibility of affordable and Carbon Free Electricity for decarbonising the grid and the captive power systems of hard-to-abate industries. The Intelligent Renewable Energy Platform harnesses the Integrated national electricity grid to digitally connect and match and deliver Carbon Free Energy at demand points. The firm RE and locally manufactured Alkaline Electrolysers, are deployed in Novel Greenko Architecture of producing lowest cost Green Hydrogen. ZeroC molecules - ammonia, methanol etc., are now exported for global decarbonisation.

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Performance Highlights

In this reporting period, Greenko continued its strong financial position, secured sustainable investments, achieved remarkable growth in both organic and inorganic assets, recruited and retained the best talents in the market, embraced innovations and technologies, optimised operational performance and increased stakeholder trust.

Message from the Chairman

Greenko has committed to be a ‘Net Zero’ Company in Scope 2 by 2025 and Scope 1&2 in the next five years and in all scopes by 2040.

Om Prakash Bhatt Chairman
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Founder, Group CEO & MD’s Message

Parallel to being “Large Scale Clean-Tech IPP”, we are already an “Intelligent Energy Market and Deep Decarbonisation Specialist.

Anil Kumar Chalamalasetty Founder, Group CEO & MD
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Founder, Group President and JMD

Businesses, cities, and governments are looking forward to deep decarbonisation solutions to meet their commitments in the short and medium term and “Race-to Zero”. In this context, the firm, schedulable and dispatchable power; and zero carbon molecules of Greenko are increasingly being sought after

Mahesh Kolli Founder, Group President and JMD
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As a part of our journey towards GKO 3.0 and 4.0, we started to deal directly with customer for the sale of variable renewable energy through open access and firm renewable energy through innovative PPAs in keeping with recent provisions in the regulations for energy storage 4.0.

Vasudeva Rao Kaipa Chief Financial Officer
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Our WINSOM (in-sourcing of Wind Turbine O&M) is currently 3 years old and carries a glorious history of successfully managing over 1,100 MW of wind assets

Haridas Menon, COO, GAM
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We are on a continuous basis upgrading our technical knowledge and adapting new innovative technologies to reduce the time and cost

Krishna Tungaturthi COO, PSP & IREP
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Our project pipeline includes 100 KTPA production in Himachal Pradesh, 1 MTPA production each in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and a 1 MTPA joint production with ONGC

Gautam Reddy Kumbam COO – Greenko ZeroC
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Our Performance PillarProsperity - For All

Our Performance PillarPeople - Respect and Progress

Our Performance PillarPlanet - Protect and Enrich

Natural Capital

Strategic Approach

At Greenko, we’re driven to reach our Net Zero future by 2040, in line with the Paris Agreement 1.5-degree scenario. Our carbon-negative roadmap is a set of achievable, measurable targets to meet the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. We’re focussed on growth, sustainability, and decarbonisation to achieve these objectives.

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Awards and Accolades