Decarbonisation Solutions Platform

Greenko being leading energy solutions provider constantly explores the opportunities for growth in alignment with its long-term mission and strategise new business models for harnessing the value pools. Greenko is pioneer in developing sustainable solutions to harness new energy value pools supplying Demand-Following Electricity, Green Molecules as fuels and feedstock to accelerate energy and material decarbonisation, which mainly includes Pumped Storage combined with Intelligent Renewable Energy Storage Platforms and Zero Carbon molecules. The ongoing developments are anticipated to foster growth position for the Company as the leading decarbonisation solution provider in the energy and industry sectors and augmenting the country’s ambition of energy independence and Net Zero goals.

“As Greenko looks to cement its first mover advantage in the large untapped Energy storage market, we are on-course to become a complete end-to-end decarbonisation solution offering for large industrial conglomerates across steel, aluminium, refineries, fertilizer companies etc. with our unique and cost parity offerings across carbon free energy, electrolysers, green hydrogen, green ammonia and a lot more value-added solutions to come in near-future.”

Seshanka Palukuri
AVP, Strategic Planning Group

Next-Generation Green Energy

Greenko IRESP (Intelligent Renewable Energy and Storage Platform) is the centrepiece in Greenko’s decarbonisation solution architecture which is currently under development across 4 states of India with a total capacity of 15.82 GW. IRESP are expected to harness the power of solar and wind resources with digitally connected storage infrastructure to provide scheduled and flexible power to the grid.

Greenko’s Green H2 and Energy Carrier Architecture

Greenko PSP projects using renewable energy from Solar and Wind projects enables the production of Green Hydrogen which could be further synthesised to Zero Carbon molecules and transported to the market in the form of green ammonia or synthetic natural gas.

Green H2 and Energy Carrier Architecture

Zero Carbon Molecules

This business models aims in producing Green Hydrogen through water electrolysis using RE power, Synthesising Green Hydrogen into value-added Zero carbon molecules, Hydrogen as fuel in Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

“Sustainable energy is essential for sustainable development. Greenko ZeroC is transforming sustainable energy architecture by manufacturing Green Hydrogen and Ammonia through firm RE and Alkaline electrolyser, which in the medium term accelerate the energy transition.”

Prasad Munakala
AVP, ZeroC

Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement

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