Intellectual Capital

Strategic Approach

Greenko realises importance of discovery and innovation in energy and industrial transformation. Greenko addresses this by continuous engagement with businesses with leadership in provision of technology solutions, collaboration with R&D labs involving sponsored research and technology transfer; interaction with leading Educational and Research institutes. The internal teams devoted for exploration of solutions which involves both discovery and innovation are established.

Greenko continues to adhere to systems and processes and the internal and external audits calibrate the practice. Digitalisation of processes are used to continuously align the organisation to design system and making the information available at right time and place for decision-making.

Our Performance

Integrated Management System and Continual Improvement

Greenko’s Organisational Development Model

Greenko’s performance of intellectual capital in building capability for meeting business necessities are guided by the following decisive elements of organisational development model. Established in FY 19-20, organisational development model with four critical business elements viz., Business excellence model, GIMS, Innovation, and Digital transformation has been pivotal in strategising the business decisions governing R&D, Innovation, IP giving the organisation a competitive edge.

Greenko’s Integrated Management System (GIMS)

Greenko’s Integrated Management System (GIMS) is designed in line with global best standards for facilitating the analysis and mitigation of potential risks related to market, regulations, operations, technology etc. GIMS architecture drives the Group in complying with legal requirements, global standards, and other obligations in systemic fashion through standardisation of process, procedures and internal systems. GIMS covers wide range of aspects responsive to changing external and internal environment reflecting the leadership thoughts. In total, 13 project sites and corporate functions were certified for IMS in FY 21-22 achieving 100% statutory compliance across the Group.

QMS Lead Auditor Training at Corporate Office, Hyderabad

GIMS Audits

The Group conducts periodic audits to analyse the effectiveness of implemented systems and identify new ameliorations for ensuring continual improvement in accordance with international standards and frameworks. The audits are conducted by internal and external stakeholders for detailed assessment of gaps pertaining to compliance, automation, policy and system improvements overarching the requirements of various standards covered in GIMS architecture. The audit results were instrumental in identifying the scope for improvement thereby intensifying accountability and responsibility in the Company.

Greenko Audit Management Application

An online application has been launched, to empower the GIMS team to schedule and manage the audit process to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

GIMS Training

The internal and external stakeholders are acquainted with GIMS through meetings, training, audits and GIMS rating system. The Company has enabled GIMS Rating System for driving the sense of responsibility among the stakeholders. GIMS employees are given best-in-class trainings to well accommodate with IMS system through internal and third-party agencies. In FY 21-22, all GIMS employees were given training on innovative systems, policies and procedures.

GIMS Training to Employees in FY 21-22

Information Security Management Systems

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) is a framework guiding the protection of information and ensuring invulnerable systems by minimising the exposure to serious threats resulting in the loss of sensitive data. ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures for systematically managing the organisation’s sensitive data framed in line with strict rules and regulations for data protection across the world facilitating business continuity and risk mitigation

SCADA Room, H.O., Hyderabad

Business Excellence through Automation

Technology at Greenko aims to streamline the processes and systems for increasing the efficiency and incubating the business goals of the Company. Being a Company offering decarbonised solutions to the customers, Greenko is optimally leveraging state-of-the-art technologies for innovating the solutions for the global climate needs and enabling the low-carbon transition in the country.

The Company is pioneer in deploying digital solutions in creating new energy value pools and increasing energy efficiency in operations with smart data analytics, forecasting and scheduling of energy models, cloud computing, IoT-based SCADA systems and real-time monitoring of assets by drones.

As Greenko is progressing to new energy value pools with more focus on decentralised systems and storage systems, the Company is bound to handle large real-time datasets. It becomes imperative for the Company to implement Internet of Things (IoT) such as SAP processes, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Automation (BPA) and AI-powered automation.

  • AI – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for automating master data management in SAP processes
  • SAP Modules for Plant Maintenance, Plant Safety, Material Management, Human Resource Management and etc.
  • Business Process Automation (BPA) for audit management (GAMA) for effective control of the process and easy data traceability

Business Process Automation KPI

KPIs (in %)

FY 21-22

CY 2022

Reduction in unplanned downtime due to Remote asset monitoring


Plants covered under GOMs



Plants covered under Forecasting and Scheduling



Plants covered under Telemetry



Plants covered under IOT



Plants covered under SCADA



Plants covered under SAP



Plants covered under drone usage


Solar- 100%

Wind- 100%

Pinnapuram PSP- 100%

Improving business diversification through innovation

Greenko’s unique storage architecture of hydrogen and electricity enables viable transition comparatively.

  • Architecture of low cost pumped storage
    Greenko’s architecture includes standalone Solar / Wind power sources combined with Pumped Hydro Storage which enables it to deliver continuous RE load at 85% levels. In addition, optimised alkaline electrolyser designed to handle continuous RE Base Load.
  • Architecture of making hydrogen

Innovative Partnership

Greenko believes in serving the purpose of stimulating the stakeholders viz. employees and value chain partners in identifying the innovative approaches for advancing the service lines and delivering quality products while curating solutions through collaborative approach.

Greenko believes that education, research, technology and entrepreneur development is vital for circular economy, net zero technologies and sustainable transition. In this direction, it has begun engaging with research and development institutions such C-MET, NEERI, CECRI, BARC and IIT-H.

With an aim to accelerate science, technology, and policy linkages to catalyse effective and just global sustainable energy transition and industrial transformation, both the education institution and the industry with its matching aspirations and strong belief that the partnership must extend to education, research, and entrepreneurship beyond technology development, has come together to set up an independent “Greenko School for Sustainability and Climate Change” at IIT-Hyderabad campus.

Harnessing the power of Research & Education

Greenko is collaborating with various agencies, governmental authorities, and other leading sustainable solution providers to accelerate the transition to a new energy for a sustainable planet.

MoU with C-MET

Greenko and C-MET have entered into a Joint Venture (JV) where Greenko is taking an active part in the operations of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) as an industrial partner, taking part in the Management bodies of CoE. This is a remarkable project initiated by MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) and GoT (Government of Telangana) to establish a CoE on E Waste Recycling. The CoE will focus on the scaling up of recycling of End-of-Life Silicon Solar Cells, Permanent Magnets, End of Life Li-ion batteries and PCBs, and Greenko is excited to be a part of it. Greenko is funding 20% of the total project cost and will have the first right of refusal to the developed technologies and share the revenue derived out of technology transfers developed by C-MET, when created in the CoE.

MoU between C-MET and Greenko

MoU with IIT-H to launch School for Sustainability and Climate Change

With a vision of accelerating science, technology, and policy linkages to catalyse effective and just global sustainable energy transition and industrial transformation, IIT Hyderabad and Greenko Foundation have come together to create the Greenko School of Sustainability and Climate Change (GSS&CC). This vibrant, sustainable, and energy efficient centre will focus on research and development, education programs, and the development and deployment of model curriculum for colleges and universities. The GSS&CC will also feature an open lab for Energy Transition and Industrial Transformation, which will house RE, Storage, ZeroC molecules, Carbon Capture and Utilisation Technologies.

MoU between IIT-H and Greenko

Unlike the greenwashing strategies that worked in the past, today’s businesses (and their investors) specifically require data-backed solutions and proof of progress toward energy transition goals. To enable this, the grid and market participants must undergo a profound modernisation to bring renewable energy sources online and unlock their full potential while proving environmental impact.

Renewable energy generated from solar or wind must be available even if the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. Greenko with its storage and zero carbon molecule technologies is a leader in Intelligent clean energy solutions and services to simplify the deployment and maximise the value of renewables and storage to enable large scale decarbonisation

Coupled with advanced optimisation and AI-driven software to properly manage renewable assets, Greenko is transforming the grid from an ageing supplier of electricity to an intelligent system of systems that produces optimised energy and environmental products and services.

Renewable energy generated from solar or wind must be available even if the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing

Greenko’s fully integrated, intelligent cloud energy storage & services platform uses historical and real-time data, advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and reinforced learning and predictive capability driven applications - to offer more accurate project modelling, to optimally size projects, to maximise asset performance and ROI, and to help reduce risk for all project stakeholders.

The platform with an open, extensible technology stack grows smarter and continuously processes data and learns from distributed assets of over 40 gigawatts of solar, wind, energy storage and EV assets. The platform processes terabytes of data each day and continuously streams from thousands of field devices every second. Greenko partners with cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to build a scalable platform with elastic big data storage and elastic compute infrastructure to continually support our growing infrastructure needs.

Latest AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms generate forecasts for weather, solar and wind generation, prices, energy demand, and other factors – and analyse how energy assets can capture value at different times. Additionally, this intelligence provides unparalleled visibility into grid conditions and helps the platform with various asset management activities: servicing various customer power purchase agreements (PPAs), optimally schedule renewable energy, or store for later by optimally charging and discharging energy storage, integrating scheduling operations with grid operators, extracting value from exchange and bilateral markets. Moreover, because the platform constantly monitors and learns from system performance, it also optimally and autonomously adjusts to deviations in real-time based on customer’s priorities as well as market conditions.

Srinivas Jampani Senior Vice President, SPG

Teesta Urja Limited, Himachal Pradesh

Value Creation Story

Strategic Objective

Improve efficiency in operations by optimising performance and monitoring of assets with less human interventions.

Target Area

Wind and Solar Assets of Greenko across the operations.

Material Topic Addressed

Excellence, Adoption, and Management of Assets

Key Risk

Human errors and unsafe conditions for working

Alignment with SDGs


Greenko has deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered drones for asset management with comprehensive coverage, enhanced visibility, site safety, scalability, and improved operational excellence. The drones assist in understanding the real-time information helpful in strategising predictive and adaptive operations and maintenance.

Future Priorities

Greenko continues to be the frontrunner in adapting new technologies for promoting sustainable development of nations and communities. The Company will continue to strategise new business models for stimulating the transition to low-carbon economy. Digitisation will continue to remain the crux of developing new energy value pools for delivering quality services to customers and increasing reliability of new energy sources and security of systems thereby augmenting the proliferation of Net Zero solutions leading to deeper decarbonisation of the economy. The Company’s model of engagement with Businesses leading Technology Developers and R&D and Educational Institutions, supplementing internal efforts will continue in developing fit-for-purpose solutions for decarbonisation of energy and materials.

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