Corporate Governance

At Greenko, Governance is an art of directing and controlling the organisation through balancing the needs of the various stakeholders. Greenko understands that conflicts of interest between the various stakeholders have to be skilfully resolved and the processes, procedures and policies are implemented with transparency and accountability. Its major shareholders include GIC, Sovereign Wealth Fund of Government of Singapore and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), Sovereign Wealth Fund of Government of Abu Dhabi, ORIX Corporation and Greenko Ventures Limited.

Greenko Energy Holdings Limited ** – Board Members


  • Mr. Om Prakash Bhatt
  • Mr. Nassereddin Mukhtar Munjee
  • Mr. Mark Gainsborough


  • Mr. Chin Hau Boon, GIC
  • Mr. Kunnasagaran Chinniah, GIC
  • Mr. Jason Sian Chuan Chan, GIC
  • Ms. Nicole Goh, GIC
  • Mr. Hidetake Takahashi, ORIX
  • Mr. Blake Anthony George Calogero, ADIA


  • Mr. Neernaysingh Madhour
  • Mrs. Kamalam Pillay Rungapadiachy

Executive Directors

  • Mr. Anil Kumar Chalamalasetty
  • Mr. Mahesh Kolli

**Greenko Energy Holdings Limited is the parent Company of Greenko Group

Board’s Gender Diversity



Board’s Skill Matrix

Awards and Accolades

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