Greenko’s Organisational Structure

Greenko’s organisational structure is in transition from being a mix of lean and functional to mix of flat and matrix organisation. Fostering cross-team collaboration and shared resource planning across projects characterises the seeds of new organisation characteristics.

(For detailed portfolios, refer Annexure - I)

Anil Chalamalasetty

Founder, Group CEO & MD

Mahesh Kolli

Founder, Group President and JMD

kaipa Vasudeva Rao


Haridas Menon

COO, Asset Management

Krishna Tungaturthi

COO, Projects

Gautam Reddy

COO, ZeroC

Nagendra Dandamudi

COO,Organisational Development

Dr. Rambabu Paravastu

Chief Sustainability Officer

Venugopal Rao

Group Operations

Adiseshu Gopalam


Kapil Mehan


BC Tripathi


Strategic Business Units

  • GAM (RE Assets)
  • Projects (IRESPs)
  • ZeroC (Green Molecules)


  • Legal, Secretarial & Risk
  • Project and Corporate Finance
  • Commercial
  • Business Accounting and Internal Risk
  • C & P
  • HR & IR
  • GIMS & EHS
  • ICT
  • Land & Permits

Board Committees

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