Integrated Value Creation Process

The transformative journey from GKO 3.0 to GKO 4.0 involved carving out and deploying a strategic plan to harness the value pools in the electricity and energy systems of India as the nations’ race-to-zero to address the ambition of Paris Climate Agreement. Greenko’s DNA and values are providing strategic direction to progress through a changing environment

Greenko has evolved as a champion shaping the decarbonisation of energy and materials. Greenko is partnering with multiple stakeholders, in fit-for-purpose models, along the value chain of energy and material’s decarbonisation. Greenko has played a major role in India’s policy framing ecosystems to shape the evolution of RE hybrid energy projects, tariff determination for RE plus storage projects, aiding the inclusion of the definition of ‘storage’ for pumped storage projects to integrate with RE generation.

Integrated Value Creation Framework

The purpose of Greenko's integrated framework is to provide sustainable solutions throughout the value chain by utilising value pools in dynamic internal and external operating environments. This integrated framework is created to give each function and business activity strategic direction so that they can each contribute to Greenko's transformation and value creation.

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Integrated Management System

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Integrated Value Creation Model

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