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At GAM, we strive constantly to optimise our operational efficiency by implementing circularity in terms of all aspects from raw materials to manpower. We are improving the performance and health of our RE assets by various measures including eliminating generation losses via reduction in reactive power requirements - through appropriate modifications to inverters - with OEM validation; inclinometer software correction for tracker operation of modules and use of vortex generators on WT blades for better aerodynamic performance. We use SAP, PM modules & in-house applications (GOMS) enabled platforms for procurement and inventory management to reduce the TAT - and achieve operational excellence. We constantly work on upgrading the skills of our manpower for independent O&M, predictive maintenance through state-of-the-art CMS technology, safety of operations to meet all the regulatory compliances.

Our WINSOM (in-sourcing of Wind Turbine O&M) is currently 3 years old and carries a glorious history of successfully managing over 1,100 MW of wind assets. We also understand that constant upgradation of knowledge base is critical for our business & therefore our CoE constantly works on accurate predictions with respect to our asset’s health and condition as they age via using best-in-class technological interventions, enabling us to develop the root cause analysis capabilities for critical components & working out on circularity options for silicon solar cells, lithium batteries etc. We have in place exclusive site-specific health & safety plans, which are constantly upgraded via awareness campaigns and regular interventions with respect to significant HSE aspects viz. electrical safety, working at height, Contractor Management and other vulnerable areas, steadily improving the safety culture. Our people are the foundation of our business and we have always believed in promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce while maintaining a safe workplace adopting global safety standards to make our shopfloors -GEMBA. We regularly align with third party with respect to baseline knowledge, competency & compliance and also have in place the CAPA for bridging the gaps.

Our WINSOM (in-sourcing of Wind Turbine O&M) is currently 3 years old and carries a glorious history of successfully managing over 1,100 MW of wind assets

We ensure that all GAM employees constantly upgrade their skills with respect to knowledge, competence behaviour with respect to continuous development by means of continuous L&D more via internal capacity building. Digitalisation plays an important role in decision making by means of dashboards with respect to operations, KPIs, improvement opportunities, alarm systems, seamless connectivity (high bandwidth connectivity, OPC, AWS Cloud storage), early warning systems, automated ticketing with escalation for job completion, digital recording of maintenance activities for review of diligence, quality and safety aspects & drone-based turbine blade inspection with automatic image identification for faster turnaround of repair/rectification works.

We generate value in GAM by having a meticulous approach to identifying, justifying economic value creation - VMP projects, such as: implementing POCs for Yaw mis-alignment correction to align the nacelle to the wind direction to extract the maximum energy from wind, VG Installation in V87, Blade hydro wash /LEP management (which helps in generating more lift for blade results in higher PR and generation), wedge connector installation in 33 kV line to reduce the line loss, installing trash rack cleaning system in Hydro plants for improving availability and repowering of solar plants by additional DC capacity.

We align with external vendors for a B2B integration, and we understand that a responsible sourcing is crucial to our business and brand value. We have an approved supplier list which is arrived through a systematic and critical evaluation. We also advocate green procurement by going paperless in our documentation. Some of the key considerations of our deep decarbonisation goals include evaluation of scope 2 emissions, LCA, carbon foot-printing etc. for our procurements.

We are opting for RE-based power for our solar and wind assets in non-generation hours. Open access allows us for decarbonisation and HT consumption at 2 wind assets being replaced with green energy allows us for accessing more than 1 MW contract demand also meeting the regulatory requirement. We have also automated our power scheduling and energy billing in a fully automated initiative deploying robotic application (BOT).

Our rural development programmes are more focussed on improvising basic amenities for our rural communities especially in street lighting, solid waste management, potable drinking water, approach roads, skill enhancement for rural youth for creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities. We are also making our CSR commitments more robust and driving deeper impacts on the desired community by setting up metrics based on a bottom-line concept.

At GAM, we have conducted IMS awareness trainings for all employees including contract employees, in Operational Plants to set the platform for implementation of IMS across the GAM Sites. We have already established IMS Documentation in 100 Operational Plants including Business Continuity Plans and Health and Safety Plans. We created a pool of 99 internal auditors with the support of GIMS by engaging them in all kinds of audits to ensure the continuous compliance with the requirements, establishing a Green Company Rating System Framework with the support of GIMS, implementing it across 11 Operational Plants.

We have established RAMP (Risk Assessment & Mitigation Panel) team to manage the operational risks in GAM. The management methodology focusses on the process of dealing with risk, which includes risk assessment, risk decision-making, and implementation of effective risk controls. RAMP identifies the risks, devises mitigation plans, and evaluates the performance. Site level risk teams have been established that are actively analysing risk and monitoring mitigation performance concerning dependency on OEM, Contractor engagement & management, large correctives, operational competencies, emergency planning, system failure, re-engineering, non-compliances, cyber security, business continuity, change of law. The entire RAMP process is meticulously audited, documented, and in compliance with the integrated management system.

I wish to acknowledge the support and trust of all stakeholders in making Greenko’s journey focussed and sustainable, meeting the set targets while delivering value to all stakeholders.

Haridas Menon, COO, GAM

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