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Being a clean energy transition Company, Greenko is committed towards transforming renewable energy from variable energy to firm and controllable energy through innovative Long Duration Energy Storage Solutions and Intelligent Renewable Energy Platform to support the economy-wide shift to a low carbon and cost-effective energy mix in India. Keeping in line with the UNFCCC’s Race-To-Zero, Greenko Group has signed ‘The Climate Pledge’ to achieve Net Zero by 2040.

Greenko’s business philosophy is to lead ‘Decarbonisation, Digitalisation, and Decentralisation’ of India’s Energy Sector. To achieve this, Greenko is ever-expanding its energy portfolio through pumped storage plant systems and investing in manufacturing electrolysers and zero-carbon molecules. Greenko is building the world’s largest energy storage cloud platform to RE-Electrify and industrialise for a smooth transitioning to Low Carbon Economy. The storage network in tandem with intelligent RE platform would track and match demand-supply patterns and balance the grid through intelligent allocation algorithms.

Greenko is poised to be amongst the top global players in decarbonisation of energy and materials, pivoting on energy storage and green hydrogen. The hallmark of Greenko Group’s environmental stewardship is GHG mitigation, climate risk management, nature conservation, and circular economic approaches. To boost the transition to carbon free energy in India, the Company along with its energy partners is planning to invest 20 billion USD over the next 3-5 years. Greenko has already invested 7 billion USD, since its inception, in developing clean energy assets in India.

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