Diversified Assets in Renewable Energy and ZeroC Molecules

Greenko's RE Assets:

Greenko has in total 135 project sites across 15 states in India, including both the operational projects as well as the projects that are under construction. During the reporting year FY 21-22, the total gross generation from all the operational assets (Solar, Hydro and Wind) accounted for 11,479.20 MU.

Greenko’s Storage Assets:

Greenko is developing multiple storage projects of about 93 GWh of storage capacity across different states in India. The Pinnapuram IRESP is being constructed with 1.6 GW capacity in Andhra Pradesh. The Saundatti IRESP has been envisaged with 2.66 GW of capacity, comprising 1.26 GW of stand-alone pumped storage, 1 GW of solar and 0.4 GW of wind energy in Karnataka. Another similar project with a generation capacity of 1.9 GW has also been planned in Madhya Pradesh. These projects have been strengthened by Greenko’s recent partnerships with Adani, ArcelorMittal and Ayana Power.

Projects under construction

Projects under development

Greenko’s Green Molecule Assets:

Greenko is building 2 GW per year Alkaline Electrolyser manufacturing capacity producing 1 Lakh TPA Green Ammonia to be operational by 2024. Further, 1 MTPA Green Ammonia manufacturing capacity will be supplemented in the next two consecutive years summing up to 3.1 MTPA capacity by end of 2026.

Projects under development

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