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Solar Assets

The country’s current solar installed capacity is around 60.81 GW1 , out of which, Greenko has installed 2.2 GW of solar PV accounting to 3.81% of total solar capacity installed in the country. Greenko is planning to implement a solar PV park in partnership with tier-I technology suppliers as it has now gained sufficient expertise in intelligent energy services and solutions.

Contribution in total power generation


Operations across

9 States

Operating Capacity (in GWp)


Invertor installed (Nos.)


No. of Solar Sites


Transmission Lines (in Km)


Solar Modules (in Nos.)

6.67 million

Revenue (in USD Mn)


“GAM Solar is responsible for managing the Solar Assets optimally to enhance value to our investors by empowering people with core SEEDIT values driven by well-established KRA framework with specific Key Performance Indicators.”

Ramprasad N,VP, GAM-Solar

1 Ministry of Power

Achintya Solar Power Pvt Ltd,

Wind Assets

India has the 4th largest installed capacity of wind power across the world. The Indian Government has taken many initiatives to harness full spectrum of wind energy potential by enacting a National Offshore Wind Energy Policy and providing robust support by way of generation-based incentives. Greenko’s wind assets, located in multiple wind zones of India contribute to 36% of its energy generation.

Contribution in total power generation


Operations across

7 States

Installed Capacity (in GWp)


No. of wind farms


Transmission Lines (in Km)


Turbines (in Nos.)


Revenue (in USD Mn)


As of 31st May 2022, the total installed wind power capacity was 40.79 GW2 of which Greenko’s share is around 3.2 GW accounting for 7.85% of the total installed capacity.

2 Ministry of New & Renewable Energy

Greenko Sironj Wind Power Pvt Ltd,
Tamil Nadu

Hydro Assets

According to the Central Electricity Authority’s estimation, India is the fifth-largest hydropower generator in the world. India has a hydropower potential of around 250 GW in total. Further, 56 number of pumped storage projects have been identified with potential capacity of 94 GW. In addition to this, hydro-potential from small, mini & micro schemes has been estimated as 6.782 GW from 1,512 sites.

Contribution in total power generation


Operations across

4 States

Operating Capacity (in GWp)


No. of Hydro Sites


Transmission Lines (in Km)


Turbines (in Nos.)


Revenue (in USD Mn)


India has installed 4.89 GW of small hydropower plants as per MNRE, out of which Greenko owns around 1.79 GW, 36.60% of total installed capacity.

Everest Power Pvt Ltd,
Himachal Pradesh

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