About the Cover

Renewable Energy Generation Sources complemented with Long Duration Energy Storage - crafted to be cost-effective and flexible, opened up immediate possibility of affordable and Carbon Free Electricity for decarbonising the grid and the captive power systems of hard-to-abate industries. The Intelligent Renewable Energy Platform harnesses the Integrated national electricity grid to digitally connect and match and deliver Carbon Free Energy at demand points. The firm RE and locally manufactured Alkaline Electrolysers, are deployed in Novel Greenko Architecture of producing lowest cost Green Hydrogen. ZeroC molecules - ammonia, methanol etc., are now exported for global decarbonisation.

The cover depicts the novel ecosystem that Greenko has innovated to accelerate Energy and Industrial decarbonisation. This is not just a green pathway but is curated to be economically attractive and socially acceptable - thus Making Green Sustainable.

Our Vision

To lead Decarbonisation,Digitalisation and Decentralisation of India’s Energy Sector.

Our Mission

  • Build and operate flexible utility scale energy assets to deliver demand-driven solutions
  • Continuously innovate to deliver bestin-class solutions with life-cycle focus
  • Manage all assets sustainably, leveraging leading-edge technologies
  • Build public-private people alliances for sustainable development


Stakeholder Inclusiveness