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Human Capital

Our agile teams and multi-skilled talent pool are committed to punctiliously support the Greenko Group’s vision and transformational journey. The ownership culture, taking responsibility for outcomes by each team is widespread and is extending; and we hope to become a network of autonomous and adaptive teams in the near future. It is in this context, systems and processes become more relevant and the fact that we have matured in the implementation of PPS is positive news. The present growth of the renewable sector and its potential growth poses a challenge to the availability of skills. That is why we spot them early and nurture. Further, the relatively higher growth rates at Greenko offer significantly better growth opportunities to our employees. This, amongst many other factors, is the reason for higher retention rates at Greenko. In addition, we nurture the culture of innovation amongst our employees and curate their development.

Mr. Krishna Kishore.C.


Our agile Project Human Resource Management System keeps all the entities in our supply chain to have sustainability as a prominent focussed area. A good alignment of the purpose and processes throughout the value chain is essential for unhindered project progress.

Mr. Krishnamurthy Sunkara


Nature of our assets is unique, and the assets are intricately linked and extensively spread amongst communities. Accordingly, our strategy and operations of security are more intelligent and technology intensive. We adopt a public-private-people approach to secure our business interests and not just assets. Our people working on sites in isolated and tough conditions require the cooperation of local communities for seamless and efficient functioning. By providing fair, safe, healthy, and lively workspaces at the sites we are able overcome the challenges a new site poses each time.

Mr. Satish Babu V

VP – HR & IR

Strategic Approach

The HR team at Greenko operates through the Shared Services Model with services to all support functions and businesses. Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Induction, Compensation & Benefits Administration, HR Compliances, Learning & Development are supported through the Shared Services Team. The function supports the projects and GAM operations and ensures HR support for all projects and plant locations, working closely with the site HR Teams.

People-centric development is at the core of Greenko since its evolution. The strategy involves attracting, training, rewarding, recognizing, and evolving the human resource, which is the heart of Greenko’s business strategy. The Human Capital of the Group is agile, resilient & committed to sailing through any unforeseen turbulent/dynamic business situation(s).At Greenko, augmentation of Human Capital through the in-organic growth is more incidental to business acquisitions. The diverse competencies of its employees have helped in managing multiple projects and plants. Counting on the inherent potential and competencies of Greenko’s Human Capital, the Leadership Team has always been committed to employee development to catapult growth and has forayed into new opportunities in the renewable space through Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Projects (IRESP).

We always adopt, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Refuse during O&M of our assets.

The Group believes in an ownership culture of running the business. This not only ensures employee retention and engagement at all levels, but also builds a safe, lively & healthy workplace. This unique ownership culture aids in innovation and motivation across the organization.

The Group believes in an ownership culture of running the business. This not only ensures employee retention and engagement at all levels, but also builds a safe, lively & healthy workplace. This unique ownership culture aids in innovation and motivation across the organization.

Greenko believes in making its standards the best in the Indian clean energy sector. The group is confident that setting financial and nonfinancial goals concerning economic, environmental and social factors will lead the organization towards sustainable development.

Journey so far

People are the foundation at Greenko and it believes firmly that the valuebased business completely is in sync with the human asset aspirations. The Human capital of Greenko has been groomed right from the beginning to understand the organizational values to achieve desired business transformations. The efforts in making its human asset multiskilled to function in multiple domains are spearheading the smooth transitioning of the group into the next league of “GKO 3.0 and 4.0”, also adding value simultaneously to all the Stakeholders.

Nurture Talent & Instil Ownership

HR Transformation Process

As Greenko transformed from GKO 2.0 to 3.0, it was imperative that its Human asset is always motivated, committed, agile, and innovative to enable the company to navigate and harness diverse opportunities. Greenko’s drive of “Creating Ownership Environment” and People, Process, System (PPS) in keeping with its values-SEEDIT, has yielded notable success in its business outcomes and innovation. The transformation journey of Greenko from 1.0 to 3.0 and the roadmap to reach 4.0 is presented in the table below.

Strategic Framework for Human Resource Management

At Greenko, the organization has a robust HR management strategy to achieve organizational goals effectively at various levels. The organization recognizes the available skills and skillset gaps to perform the task successfully. The group effectively recognizes the levels of assessment at organizational, task & individual levels.

"People" are an important and valuable resource every organization or institution has. Greenko passionately believes that ‘Dynamic’ people can build dynamic organizations. Effective employees can contribute to the effectiveness of the organization. Competent and motivated people can make things happen and enable an organization/institution to achieve its goals. Therefore, Greenko continuously ensures that the dynamism, competency, motivation, and effectiveness of its employees remain at high levels. The group has formed a strategy for Human Resource Development/ management to be a continuous process & ensures the development of employee competencies, dynamism, motivation, and effectiveness in a systematic and planned way. The entire process of strategy formulation, including the value drivers, enablers, and the outcomes of these earmarked for the period 2020-2025, along with the innovation and learning processes constitute in a nutshell all the core aspects of cultural transformation, business partnering, employee communication, people productivity, talent acquisition & retention, learning and development, team management, etc.

Growth has been synonymous with the inherent nature of Greenko Group. With the ownership culture, the institutionalization of SEED IT (Stakeholder Inclusiveness, Excellence, Ethical, Discipline, Innovate, Teamwork) Value System has built a strong foundation amongst employees. The above ‘Value Drivers’ are seamlessly integrated with the ‘Enablers’ to strategically create a Value Proposition with definite ‘Outcome’.

The HR strategy has evolved critically, supporting the Value Drivers with desired HR Policies, Processes, and Systems.

The Digitization GKO 4.0 journey has one more milestone with the deployment of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) through the Darwinbox HRIS tool.

The Leadership Pipeline is developed to meet the Business expansions plans of the Group and thus, opportunities are provided to the young talents who have the competence and potential to take appropriate Leadership Roles.

Talent scalability is a critical and ongoing agenda for HR to provide the required number of talented resources for new projects and acquisitions. Greenko has always grown with a mechanism of built-in talent scalability since its inception.

Training on Usage of PPE

The pedagogy to impart requisite domain, functional, technical and other niche skills are designed specifically as per the requirements of the existing and new business opportunities at Greenko.

An agile and multi-talented versatility is built amongst employees across the Group to make them competent. At Greenko the ‘Value Drivers’ are supplemented by the ‘Enablers’, thus all the ‘Outcomes’ will have an opportunity to learn and unlearn with a pursuit to ‘innovate’ for sustenance and continued growth of the organization.

Human Resource Management at Greenko

The Human Resource Management at Greenko has structured across eight significant HR dimensions viz. talent acquisition and management, Diversity, Learning, development & Leadership Management, Succession Planning, employee welfare, Digital Transformation, Safety & Health. The HRM at Greenko has come a long way from Human resource policy planning (1.0) to Domain-specific skill training (4.0), the group has managed to percolate the ownership model deep down the roots of the organization and empowered its human asset to not only follow job role descriptions but, also own its outcomes.

The highly empowered workforce sets the stage for the smooth transition to Greenko 4.0. The group’s focus is not only based on hiring the right people but also on retaining talent and ensuring capability enhancement of existing talent.

HR Functions

The ownership culture at Greenko has made the group the most sought after in the RE domain. Employee welfare programs, merit-based annual performance review, and rewarding the right talent at the right time has built and sustained the company’s brand image amongst its employees. The group could retain 93% of its workforce during the reporting period and achieved a cost reduction by 10% per hire for the FY2019-20.

Talent Acquisition & Retention at Greenko

The leadership at Greenko envisions that the assets that it creates follow principles of and be a part of nature. These assets not only include its product ‘energy’ as a service but also its human assets and the group envisions all its assets to be efficient, effective and balancing. In the design, execution, and operation, all the assets are regenerative, sustaining for generations and is designed to fit into a circular economy. In light of this, the group takes its human asset development as a prime responsibility and has various mechanisms to acquire and manage human talent across its business operations.

Greenko follows a unique mechanism of talent acquisition. Its casual campus recruitment policies along with an evolved induction and on-boarding process has raised the bar for the group. It not only helps to choose the best recruits, when the new hires are inducted into the Greenko family, the hiring team aims instil the company’s values in the new league of employees. It includes a brief about the journey of Greenko and guides the new hires on the path to success. The induction program is designed to ensure the overall growth and development of talent. The new hires are made aware of the HR Systems & Policies, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work (POSH), Greenko Values System (SEED IT), Environment, Health & Safety (EHS),) Greenko Integrated Management Systems (GIMS and) Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

The group lays emphasis on behavioural & technical training, ensuring posttraining efficacy in project site management performance. During the reporting period, Greenko has successfully hired 242 new talents within an average time span of 90 days from the time the vacancy arises. Around 29% of the total hires were GETs, mainly hired through campus modules.

Statistically, the group hired a total of 332 Engineer Trainees from 2011 to 2020, over 30% with an experience range of 5 -9 years and 70% with an experience of 1-4 years. More than 100 employees who started their career as trainees are handling critical roles in the mid-level management across the group today.

Greenko believes that competency augmentation and talent development must be a continuous process, embedded with KPIs in the HR Ecosystem. An average of 35.3 hours of training per employee for a count of 2,678 employees in the year 2019-20 was achieved, a benchmark achievement in the renewable industry.

The Performance Management system with measurable deliverables through KPIs, with a weightage of 50% each for business/functional KRAs and Greenko Value System (SEED IT), has enabled the group to measure and track the deliverables in compliance with core organizational value “SEED IT”. The performance appraisal system at Greenko is also instrumental for training need identification, succession planning, and career management. The leadership teams have developed resilience and built the mechanism to make sure employees working in multiple locations are motivated with a sense of ownership and to keep them attuned to organizational values.

At Greenko, employees across the group have been oriented to be steadfast, resilient, and work responsibly to handle any situation of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity). Human values and human rights are never compromised at Greenko and no violations were reported in the FY 2019-20.

The group focuses on the well-being of employees working across locations and other people around the project locations with a sense of responsibility. There are also mechanisms/ programs to extend support for education, medical needs, and employee welfare benefits according to the cadre of employees, besides provisions for group medical & personal accident insurance, maternity leaves, adoption policies, and leaves for extraordinary circumstances.

The Average Age of employees since 2012 has positively improved to 36 years in the group’s business, with the induction of young talent at various levels. The robust growth of the Group since 2012 is aptly and mostly supported with the hiring of young talent Year on Year (YOY). With a headcount increase from 1,308 in 2012-13 to 2,678 in 2019 – 20, the contextual average experience of the employees ‘working in’ the Greenko Group is ranging from 2 - 14 years, excluding the experience of the lateral hires.

The Group has managed to retain over 93% of its employees for the reporting period. Greenko also succeeded in reducing the cost per hire by 10% for the FY2019-20 over the previous reporting period. Of the employees retained, the group could successfully earmark critical performers across its businesses, could provide the required learning curves to the identified human assets, and promoted 17% of employees to the next level on merit basis via internal deployment and competencybased transfers. The hierarchy data for the FY 2019-20 is presented below:

The Hierarchy profile for 2019-20 at Greenko
Reward, Recognize & Retain

The group has established career management & development systems, where programs, training, workshops, counselling is provided to the newly hired trainees by means of an Entry Level Trainee Program (ELTP). The group involves faculties from reputed institutions to train the hires for a challenging career via strategic HR intervention. The group also has been offering career opportunities for young Engineering students since 2011. Over 101 of the trainees have a career spanning 5 to 9 years and 231 have experience of 4 years and below.

The career management planning has been highly effective, with nearly 101 employees (who started a career as trainees) are in the Middle Management category today.

Career Growth Profile for Beginners
Career Growth for Trainees: 2011-20

A culture which emphasizes on ‘Ownership’ is inculcated amongst the group employees, right from induction. It is imperative for Greenko employees to be genuinely motivated, committed, and agile to navigate through situations of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), without compromising on the quality of deliverables and stakeholders’ interest.

The Average Age of employees at the organization since 2012 has positively improved to 36 years, with the induction of young talent at various levels. The robust growth of the Group since 2012 is aptly and mostly supported with the hiring of young talent Year on Year (YOY). Thus, the agility, resilience, and career management at Greenko has set a glaring example for similar business entities, and the group thus emerged unique with respect to the management of its human assets in the RE domain.

Comparative Annual Average Age Profile with Progressive Headcount

Yearly average age with progressive headcount

Learning & Development at Greenko

The HR along with the leadership teams have envisaged and implemented a talent mapping exercise and developed a management and leadership pipeline for the next 3-5 years (2020 – 2025). The same can be represented as:

People, Process, System (PPS) has been the strategic intervention for Greenko’s Asset Management (GAM) Businesses since 2018 to monitor & measure the performance of the ‘Assets’ and the ‘People’. The GAM and HR Leadership Team have convened a ‘Leadership Conference’ to calibrate on the Group’s vision, values, and the PPS Model. All the GAM employees have been trained and the HR Team and GAM Leaders have put the PPS Model to work and the outcomes are ‘propounding and profoundly positive’ for the business.

The impact of the PPS Model in two years’ time (2018-20) at Greenko has shown improved sustainable operational efficiency and growth with the measurable performance of ‘People’ and the ‘Assets’, contributing to the regeneration of efficiency in people and operational assets, resulting in value creation through the Energy Systems of Greenko. The comparative data has been presented herewith:

Comparative Mapping of Competency as per PPS plan for 2019-20

The group has mapped Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Businesses for each of the employee roles and measured it with predetermined metrics along with weightages assigned for employee role deliverables. The Performance Management System (PMS) was implemented with measurable weightages of 50% for Business KPIs and 50% for Business deliverables aligned to Greenko Values. Also, the KPIs, identified for each of the GAM assets (Hydro, Wind & Solar) and the performance outcomes were CEO & MD with employees measurable indicators for Hydro, Wind & Solar Operational Assets.

In the Greenko Asset Management (GAM) vertical, 559 employees with a range of competencies in multiple domains (Hydro, Wind & Solar) and 461 employees (out of 559) were found eligible to work in multiple functions in addition to their multi-disciplinary domain knowledge.

The interventions of Learning & Development in the segments of Business Domain, Environment Health & Safety (EHS), and Behavioural & Leadership Development for 2019-20, was assessed for an ‘impact evaluation’ from:

  • Participants and
  • the multiple Line Managers
  • The combined feedback on the Learning Curve (LC) confirmed the levels of improvement in the competencies and other personal traits (refer to the table below).
Summary OF Impact Evaluation Schedule for Training Programs Conducted in 2019-2020

CEO & MD with employees

The exponential Business growth of the group was aptly supported by the L&D interventions, which increased from 463 in 2016 to 1,661 in 2020 (an increase of 3.5 times). In 2019-20, the average Training Hours per employee increased to 35.3 Hours as against 21.8 Hours in 2016, registering a1.65 times increase in the Four (4) Years, covering 2678 employees across the group.

The group has registered 94,574 hours of Training in the reporting period (2019 - 20) & it became an investment for the Group to meet the Training Needs of the Businesses. This turned out to be the best HR practice with a measurable and a unique value proposition, both for the organization and the employees, fulfilling the objectives of both ‘organizational effectiveness’ and ‘individual development’. The training progression, year on year, is presented below:

Employee Diversity

Diversity and inclusion amongst the workforce form an imperative culture at Greenko. The group ensures that Diversity as a value must be safeguarded and promoted both within the group and in all relationships with its stakeholders. At Greenko, the management realizes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity. Focusing on equal rights for people from all ethnic groups and cultures, the group has no discrimination in recruitment, location, promotion, or any matter related to employment and pro-actively removes any barriers to equal opportunity.

The initiatives at Greenko to promote gender diversity include:

  • Mainstreaming gender in policy design and project implementation
  • Implementing policies to attract and retain talent and ensure a supportive environment in the workplace
  • Supporting women to become agents of change and to challenge cultural and social norms in their environment

Gender diversity at Greenko was strengthened with an increase of female employees to 6.03% of the total workforce, compared to 3.92% in 2018.

Today, Greenko has become a preferred choice for women to pursue their careers in the Renewable Business Sector. Every year, the company has increased the number of women it employs and today, as compared to its year of founding, Greenko employs 42% more female employees. Also, 12.5% of the new hires amongst women (in the age group 30 to 50 Years) are offered Mid-Level Management roles. Besides, 16.9% (in the age group less than 30 Years) women employees have been hired for the First Level Management position. Greenko indeed believes in a merit-based human asset selection process that is transparent and unbiased.

Employee strength & Age-wise Distribution at Greenko

QA/QC Training session

Employee Hiring Profile & Turnover Rate at Greenko

Employee Hiring & Turnover

For sustained focus to ensure equality, diversity, and inclusion across Greenko, the HR & the Learning & Development teams conducted 71 training interventions during the reporting period. Since 2012 the number of women in the workforce catapulted to record a growth of 340%, to touch 153 in 2019-20 in comparison to 45 in 2012

Workforce Diversity Profile at Greenko


The group has welfare policies on Maternity Leave (26 Weeks), Adoption Leave (12 Weeks), Leave for Miscarriage (6 Weeks), Casual & Sick Leave (18 Days), and Extraordinary Leave (24 Weeks), for the benefit of women employees.

Growth and Succession Planning

As organizations globalize and compete aggressively for top talent, it is crucial that an organization plans and ensures its employees are recruited and mentored to fill the key positions within the stipulated time. This purpose can be met both by internal, enterprise-wide talent mobility and systematic process of preparing the employees to fill the vacant spaces. Organizations can alternatively scout for people via their networks and hire them for specific positions on a merit basis. However, most organizations prefer to develop people internally to be able to thrive. A new set of norms governing internal mobility is needed to do this efficiently.

At Greenko, mobility is perceived as a natural, normal progression and not as a major change in one’s career; opportunities to move are extended to workers at all levels, not just managers and team leaders; and technology has enabled a streamlined mobility process for moves between functions, jobs, and projects as well as geographies.

Greenko has in place a firm and robust succession planning system wherein potential successors for earmarked critical roles are identified and groomed. During the reporting period, selected employees have undergone the required learning for the new roles in which they have been deployed. The group has successfully chalked out a group talent segmentation exercise to identify individuals with skill sets and experience for various business functions across the organization.

Complete Groupwise Talent Segmentation Pattern

The Leadership Team at Greenko (252) with their multi-faceted domain knowledge and functional expertise is extensively involved in developing teams across Businesses Verticals and Functions and this aids in effective succession planning for the group’s business entities. Complementing the leadership team, the group also has a strong base of 68 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the domains of Hydro (19), Wind (16), and Solar (33) to impart knowledge and to develop expertise in future leaders.

At Greenko there is a great balance of domain and functional skills. For a headcount of 2678, the group has 252 Leaders, at a ratio of 1:9 (i.e. One (1) Leader/ Expert for every Nine (9) Group Talent Segmentation Support Functions Greenko Asset Management (GAM) Hydro, Wind & Solar Projects Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) employees). Mentoring and span of control are broadly well balanced and poised with a ratio of 1:9.

The Succession planning Interventions are driven by the commitment to encourage employee innovation and to strengthen the ownership culture. Succession Plans are also evolved with definite transparency with complete involvement of the Line Managers and Business Leaders. During the reporting period, 16 senior members were certified internally as Grow Coaches, who would dedicatedly look after coaching the managerial candidates & look after leadership training interventions. Similarly, 47 senior & mid-level managers were also trained, calibrated, and certified as mentors to trainees recruited under ELTP (entry level trainee program) program.

The group has innovatively invested in human resources to make them adaptive and had a strong conviction to first leverage the in-house human resources.

Invariably, the practice of regenerative thinking has been the pedestal for the Learning & Development interventions, with an outcome of more than 21% of the 2678 employees at the organization being multi-skilled in the domains of Hydro, Wind, Solar and 17% having multiple disciplinary functional skills.

Cloning of competencies is ensured through a process involving Line Managers, through On the Job Training (OJT) and Entry Level Trainee Program (ELTP) for Engineering Trainees – to provide training on Business domains and Core Engineering (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Instrumentation, etc.). Each of the Engineering Trainees is bestowed with Eight (8) specially designed Domain and Engineering Books/Manuals, which goes a long way in imparting the required levels of knowledge and skills.

During the reporting period, 12% of employees were promoted from their existing cadre to a higher level by way of reward & recognition. Around 117 positions were filled through the internal process. The group mapped 102 critical roles across various project functions and 507 employees were identified for succession purposes.

Group Leadership has always encouraged and nurtured a sustainable working culture that promotes regenerative thinking across all employee levels. Greenko believes in the overall development of an employee and allows them to explore different areas of work. During the year, 14% of the employees from Projects and 21% of the employees from Asset Management were engaged in a cross-functional movement across businesses, with a change of roles.

The organization Realizes the need to foster the overall wellbeing of its employees. The company has in place medical insurance for hospitalization through the Greenko Group Mediclaim Policy. The Policy is a valuable welfare measure provided to all the employees of the Group at a cost to the Company and “at no cost to the Employee”. Even a personal accident welfare coverage benefit is provided for all the employees, free of cost. In 2019-20, a total of 168 Medical Claims have been processed for hospitalization claims, which totalled to ₹ 1.03 Crore at the Group Level.

Employee Engagement

As many as 1567 employee engagement interventions were conducted across the group in 2019-20. These interventions have contributed in improving the work culture and further enhancing the day-to-day experience of employees. Greenko conducted several awareness programs and interventions at regular intervals for environmental and social improvement. Volunteering is a regular activity throughout Greenko. Greenko employees have volunteered for 14,065 hours in 2019-20.


Under the Swachh Bharat campaign, WWF India has partnered with United Way for the ‘India Plog Run’, organised on 2nd October, in 50 cities across India to spread awareness and inspire action against plastic waste. It is an initiative by Ramakrishna G, an advisor with United Way and Guinness World Record holder for environmental projects on the amount of trash collected.

About 30 Greenko employees joined in the run at Fabexpress Corpo Suites, Hitech City, Hyderabad. We covered a total area of about 5 kilometers and picked up plastic waste. We collected approximately 200 kilograms of plastic in 2 hours, which was then disposed of at a recycling center.

Participants from Greenko at the Plog Run in Hyderabad. ©Farida Tampal WWF-India

We depend on resilient and thriving local communities wherever we operate, and strive to be a good corporate citizen.

Employee Welfare

Greenko provides services, benefits and facilities to employees and ensures free food, accommodation, and healthcare facilities on a need basis. The group also encourages higher education opportunities. The children of employees are also awarded scholarships for vocational training and for undertaking higher education.

In addition to fostering education, the company has introduced not just mandatory maternity leave, but also customary paternity leave. Greenko has welfare policies on Maternity Leave (26 Weeks), Paternity Leave (5 days) Adoption Leave (12 Weeks), Leave for Miscarriage (6 Weeks), Casual & Sick Leave (18 Days), and Extraordinary Leave (24 Weeks). So far, 6 women and 21 men have availed parental leave benefits in the reporting period. Providing medical insurance coverage to the family including dependent parents is also a unique feature at Greenko. Greenko is always vigilant about human rights-related issues and no human rights violation in Greenko’s work environment has been reported in the FY 2019-20.

Greenko communicates and connects to employees working in multiple locations across plants and projects, extensively through the Greenko intranet (http://intranet.greenkogroup. com/). Also, the group has maintained a culture of Greeting employees on various important occasions like birthdays, marriage days, employee engagement. Leaning & Development Program Schedules, Employee Policies, HR Help Desk services, Greenko leave Management System (GLMS), Greenko meeting & Action Tracker are the different points of communication. The intranet covers news updates, announcements, knowledge repository, reports, and manuals. The corporate communication also publishes “Vconnect”, a quarterly magazine for employee communication and various updates of the Group.

In an endeavour to enable skill development of young students in the Solar domain, to improve chances of employment, Greenko provided 329 students with practical training and real-time experience and offered a certificate of merit in 2019-20. Out of Together with local schools, Greenko employees organized volunteering activities to plant trees in the communities the trained students, 133 have been employed as on 31st March 2020.

For the year 2019-20, for pursuing higher education, 321 Employee Children were extended support through Tuition Fee Reimbursement. For Higher Education and 12 employees have been provided 100% education fee reimbursement. The data is represented below:

Employee Education Support Initiative (CSR) Profile

Together with local schools, Greenko employees organized volunteering activities to plant trees in the communities

Digital Transformation – A beginning towards Greenko 4.0

Automation/digitalization at Greenko has eliminated the chances of human error and has helped in streamlining the process with less human intervention. It gives the workforce better visibility of the various tasks, can pinpoint bottlenecks and suggest areas of improvement, and increases the overall productivity. It also helps in managing deadlines and reduces the amount of time needed to complete a task. This has resulted in higher productivity rates for routine tasks, with the additional benefit of freeing up employees’ time to concentrate on more complex and significant assignments.

Digital transformation at Greenko comprises of managing employee data, leave & attendance, hiring, onboarding, separation, performance management, payroll, compensation and benefits administration, learning and development through the implementation of the Darwin Box HRIS (Human Resource Information System) tool.

As a part of the HR digitization plan, all the HR statutory compliances at Greenko are integrated through a ‘compliance tool’ and has been deployed in the reporting period. With the help of the tool, the group HR monitors and manages compliances effectively.

The Greenko leave management system (GLMS) is also Implemented and being used as on date. Progressively, the leave management will be an integral part of the Darwin HRIS.

HR Circularity

At Greenko, Circularity is also a key indicator for the HR function, which emphasizes that people and their capabilities should be the ultimate criteria for assessing the development of an institution and at no point of time the human asset be allowed to stagnate in a single role/function. The KPIs for Circular thinking makes it imperative to reshuffle people continuously without allowing any stagnation (in the same role w/o promotion, cross functional placement etc). Also, it emphasizes on orienting a greater number of employees towards regenerative thinking.

Greenko understands that talent and the potential of Human Capital can be leveraged for various business functions by making the human asset multi-skilled / domain talented to excel in Hydro, Wind, Solar and other business functions. This strategic approach from HR has significantly contributed to no redundancy, wastage, or stagnation of human resources and contributes to the principle of circularity which states no stagnation of man, machine, material, and information be there. The roles and responsibilities of employees are oriented based on the individual competencies and evaluated for deliverables with the KPIs as a process, to decide on the change of roles and promotions in 3 years, for an employee.

Greenko’s Circular Aspect of Human Asset Management

Greenko’s growth and agility in the renewable industry space, has always been reinforced by its diversified talent pool. The company’s young talent, from trainees to mid-level to senior management, is inculcated to be agile and competent for the business deliverables of the key stakeholders. In a strong workforce of 2678, the group has identified 559 employees who have a range of competencies in multiple domains. 461 out of these were also found exceptionally talented to work in multiple functions across the business.

Ensure Safe, Healthy & Lively Workplace

Occupational Health & Safety Measures at Greenko

Health and Safety have always been on the top of our minds in asset management and projects. This is not just limited to our direct employees but to everybody on the site including contractor employees and visitors to the site. As the impacts of global warming increase, we anticipate increasing severity of heat stress and accordingly will schedule and manage our working outdoors.

Mr. Mohan Rao M


Greenko has an objective of ‘Zero Occupational Health & Safety related incidents’ across its operations. The group is committed to providing a Healthy & Safe work environment for all its employees, contract workers, visitors, and stakeholders engaged in business operations.

To achieve this objective, the group has conducted a series of risk assessments and surveys across its business units & has identified and recorded all the core health and safety issues material to the organization. Further, action plans are formulated, and resources are allocated to address these identified risks according to priority.

Risk registers are maintained at all plants and the same is being updated at regular intervals for taking appropriate action based on priority. As a risk mitigation method, Greenko believes in the hierarchy of controls, that is for controlling any risk, all the necessary controls in combination, and in the correct order taken to bring the risk level to “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” (ALARP).

At Greenko, Business unit-specific Health and safety plans are developed involving BU leads, EHS team, and plant leads, which are in line with ISO 45001:2018 & the same are put in place at all plants. The H&S system processes such as work permits, risk assessment, lockout tagout, emergency rescue, and monthly review are defined, monitored, and analyzed to ensure Fire drill at Ghani solar park Kurnool effectiveness. People Process System audits are conducted across plants for H&S management by external agencies to identify system gaps and process effectiveness to improve O&M and EHS results.

Need-based safety training is regularly provided to all of Greenko’s employees and contract workers. The number of hours devoted to the safety training of employees and contract workers has significantly increased by 41.1% over the previous year. The number of hours devoted to the safety training of contract workers alone was 14,781 Hrs. in 2019- 20. A pool of competent people is developed across all business verticals, by organizing training under the acronym matrix. Special Certification from Global Wind Organization (GWO) on Work at Height Training has been provided for selected wind BU team to enrich their competency levels in the execution of “Height Work Jobs”. There were 520 first aid trained people, 590 emergency response trained people spread across the plants and projects during the reporting period.

Fire drill at Ghani solar park Kurnool

The group has also conducted a series of risk assessments and surveys across its business units & has identified and recorded all the core health and safety issues material to the organization. Further, action plans were formulated, Employees taking Safety pledge during Safety day celebrations and resources were allocated to address the identified risks according to priority. In the reporting period 2019- 20, such action plans formulated and implemented included electrical safety initiatives such as installation of smoke detectors & fire alarms, nomination of dedicated electrical safety officers, placement of insulated rubber mats as per voltage requirements, job specific trainings, first aid trainings & CPR demo etc.

The initiatives on Human safety included; ultrasound snake repellents, vehicle management procedure, theme-based campaigns, provision of barrel handling trolleys to avoid manual handling of materials, EHS awareness initiatives for GSS teams, Safety induction initiatives, site safety awards etc.

Greenko also Celebrated National Safety Week from 04 Mar’20 to 10 Mar’20 with a theme to “Enhance Health & Safety Performance by Use of Advanced Technology” The weeklong celebrations were organised across plants with active participation & involvement of workers and stakeholders. We have also organised various training programs, competitions for awareness and motivation of workers. The best performers in the competitions were rewarded. Several other Safety initiatives celebrated in the reporting period included, Firefighting table talk, Safety training for school children & ISO 45001 online training to develop internal auditors.

Greenko believes that inculcating a healthy and safe work culture among the employees is essential to avoid unsafe acts and incidents. To encourage safe behaviour among its workforce, the organization has Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) mentoring by experts at regular intervals. 84 hours have been spent on BBS mentoring activity during 2019-20, which is 9.33 times more than the previous year.

Employees taking Safety pledge during Safety day celebrations

Reactive Indicator Profile

For incident management, the group has tied with local hospitals, dedicated emergency vehicles, EHS walk down inspections to control unsafe acts and unsafe conditions and has taken immediate actions to avoid incidents. During the reporting period, 890 unsafe acts/unsafe conditions were identified by such inspections, which was 3 times less over 2018-19.

To ensure a safe and healthy workspace, all plant workers are covered under periodical medical check-ups, once in a year. A total of 420 mock safety drills have been carried out. 2,173 EHS induction programs have also been conducted in the reporting period.

As part of its Health & Safety motivation and employee participation, Greenko conducts several awareness programs and interventions at regular intervals. Greenko also conducts special safety training to inculcate safety culture among the local public and children in communities where they operate. Awareness sessions are also arranged in schools about road safety and home safety.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH)

This platform takes care of reporting & resolving complaints involving sexual harassment at the workplace for all employees. Regular sensitization workshops & awareness sessions are held for all employees, right from their induction into the company.

This platform comes in handy for the management of the human resource in general & women welfare in particular. The group also conducts preventive healthcare awareness programs and regular health check-ups for women and the women employees can access yoga , gym, and sports facilities at some of the group locations.

Reactive Indicator Profile
Greenko Security Systems (GSS)

Right from the beginning, the endeavour of Greenko is to build a great security culture. It has put in place the Greenko security services (GSS) to take ownership of physical security. Operationally, GSS is the check and control tool for the reconciliation of men and material by monitoring the material movement through an application. Integrated electronic surveillance at Greenko Group functions on multiple window design principles, by providing live monitoring & recording reviews on a 24/7 basis to the central Security Control Room located at the HO in Hyderabad and to the site-based security control rooms.

GSS – Operating Princple

The operating principle of GSS is People-Process-Technology.

People: GSS recruits, trains and develops Security staff to cater to the growing needs of the Organization. GSS has been continuously conducting trainings and updating the staff with latest technology tools being introduced for Security systems.

Process: GSS has identified all its processes and mapped them with input and output requirements of connected processes of other functions. GSS developed and implemented GSS framework for its effective functioning and continual improvement.

Technology: GSS has been using the latest technology tools and techniques available in the market to accommodate the increasing needs of the growing organization. Greenko uses the latest technology such as High-tech CCTV Cameras, Control rooms, Real-time analytics, intel network etc. By using the technology GSS developed an effective and intelligent surveillance system.

GSS framework

The aim is to integrate security management with business. GSS works as an alert mechanism with an effective surveillance process. GSS conducts vulnerability assessment, Risk Assessment, and countermeasure analysis at all the sites on a periodic basis, based on which, security controls i.e. manpower and technology is deployed. The GSS works by responding to risks as they arise. GSS believes that effective delivery of safety and security is possible through technology with an efficient human network for quick responses to alerts, while staying within the domains of the location and applicable laws. All site activities are continuously monitored by both the monitoring stations to provide instant response.

Along with 90 direct Greenko employees, 1915 indirect third-party employees and 48 contractors, GSS has been working to harness digitalization to improve efficiency and deliver 24*7 power on real-time basis. Internal strengthening of security systems is an ongoing process. During the reporting period, efforts to Reuse / extend asset life of old CCTV cameras were adopted by modifying them for a second life. A few Mannequins are located at certain locations to mimic security guards to reuse the old security uniforms.

During the reporting period, no or minimal electronic waste was generated by GSS. No violation of any human rights, such as forced or involuntary labour, violation of human rights during security operations, health & safety practices of contractors, nonusage of PPEs, etc. were observed.

From a traditional Man-guarding model of security, Greenko has embarked on a journey to transform the GSS team which has a 360-degree vision and visibility of Greenko’s business to secure its men, asset and environment. GSS is integrated into business operations which places it in a much better position to understand the business requirement based on data and threat perceptions.

To cater to the needs of a growing organization, GSS has been continuously improving by conducting regular training, informal interactions, and exposure to contemporary concepts. Due to the well-developed systems and processes, GSS was able to implement the Security systems quickly and successfully at various Wind, Solar, Hydro sites and in the acquired sites. Now GSS is preparing itself for the ensuing task of handling the upcoming gigantic IRESP projects of Greenko.

Looking Ahead

Greenko aims to continue to deliver value to its people by attracting, training and retaining multifaceted employee competencies and expertise to groom the future leaders early on. It also plans on improving its diversity by constantly building a work environment that provides equal opportunities to all gender and ethnic groups. A strong EHS system at Greenko is continuously improving and evolving to achieve the desired business outcomes without any risks to its entire work environment. In the year 2019 – 20, Greenko had evolved a detailed succession plan for asset management, projects, and support functions, to meet the demands of the future and promising careers to the most potential and competent employees. We are looking forward to becoming the employer of choice in the energy sector. This entire scenario appears highly promising for grooming and polishing the human assets to be highly motivated, agile, and performance-oriented, to take the business to newer heights in a sustainable manner.