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Diverse Portfolio

Greenko has extensive experience in the design, construction, and operation of renewable energy plants, and has the advantage of owning one of India’s largest portfolios of renewable energy assets. The group’s diverse portfolio of Wind, Solar, and Hydro technologies are strategically located, have good growth potential, and have a high level of efficiency that is constantly being improved.

Assets at a Glance

6.2 GW

Installed Capacity

5.9 Mn

Solar Modules


Sites (Projects)


Revenue (Million USD )

1931 (Solar)



States in India




Length of the transmission line (km)

62 (hydro)
1184 (wind)


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Business in Solar power

Greenko has developed, engineered, constructed, and currently operating many of India’s grid parity, utility-scale solar assets, strategically situated across the country’s landscape. As a result of strong execution and partnerships with tier 1 technology suppliers, Greenko is able to expedite implementation efficiently in a short span of time. Using the best of cutting-edge technologies and benchmark systems, the solar assets established by Greenko yield high energy in real-world conditions with stable grid integration. The group generated 2175 MW solar power from 47 sites.

Solar Portfolio

2175 MW

Operating Capacity


Number of Solar sites

5.9 Mn

Solar Modules




Transmission line (km)


Revenue (USD in million)

Arushi, Andhra Pradesh

We have made significant progress in the management of solar assets. We are aware that managing solar assets as they age and at the end of life is a big challenge and has been a concern. While we would incorporate these factors into new procurement, we have begun thinking about how to address this for the existing assets. Accordingly, we will reinforce and strengthen our testing, repairing, and reengineering capacities. Further, climate change would have different impacts across our locations. We have taken and will take the necessary engineering measures to address operational disruption. Further, to address changes in solar radiation availability and impacts on power generation, we would like to understand and assess it better.

Mr. Ramprasad N

AVP, GAM-Solar

We have introduced many innovative programs in managing solar assets. The assets deployed in different topographies and environments require customization and we have been able to do it effectively. We are determined to build capacities within and at the sites to manage the full-life, second-life, and end-of-life of the assets.

Mr. Srinivas Naidu A

Sr GM, GAM-Solar

Business in Hydro Power

Greenko is leading the Indian hydro power sector in the small and medium hydrospace. The company primarily concentrates on run-of-river hydroelectric projects, building a portfolio that is diversified by hydrology and clusters across North and South of India.

In the current reporting period, Greenko has strategically improved its access to hydropower by actively pursuing inorganic growth through acquisition of equity stake in Teesta Urja Limited, which has an underlying asset of 1,200 MW of hydropower project in North Sikkim and a hydropower project of Everest Power Private Limited, with a total capacity of 100MW in Himachal Pradesh. With these capacity additions, Greenko’s hydro portfolio’ operating capacity stands at 1689 MW from 24 hydro projects and over 600 MW in pipeline.

Hydro Portfolio

1689 MW

Operating Capacity


Transmission Line (km)


Revenue (USD in million)


Number of Hydro sites



Hemavathy, Karnataka

Our assets are located strategically in diverse and challenging geographies. The growth in the size and scale of this business has been phenomenal and we look forward to accelerated growth in the coming times. At each location, we are aware, that we are part of the riverine ecosystem that supports lives and livelihoods. We have been agile to seasonal and annual changes in hydrological flows as also to ecosystems due to other unanticipated post-project developments. Also, we have begun assessing the likely impacts of changing climate due to global warming and how it can impact our operations.

Mr. Prasada Raju J.V.S.D

SVP, GAM-Hydro

Our operation and maintenance practices have been able to withstand the variability in weather conditions and even the extreme flooding events. We are aware that the severity and frequency of such events may increase in the medium term due to climate change induced global warming. We are revising the threshold of our designs and are assessing whether these are adequate or require any resetting.

Mr. Suresh Chand Kalsi

GM, GAM-Hydro

Business in Wind Power

Greenko specializes in the full spectrum of wind power solutions with an extensive portfolio of reliable and technologically advanced projects. With operational wind farms strategically located in places with the highest wind potential, Greenko’s turbines and modules are precisely engineered to yield maximum energy and optimized wind farm performance adapted to diverse operating conditions. With Wind energy being the fastest-growing power source in India, the group is actively contributing to the country’s transition from fossil fuel dependency to clean energy generation by contributing 2358 MW power from 35 wind farms.

Wind Portfolio

2,358 MW

Installed Capacity




Revenue (USD in million)


Number of Wind Farms


Transmission Line (km)

Saipuram, Andhra Pradesh

The WINSOM project, though it was initiated to address the challenges of O&M service providers, became the fountainhead of cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and circularity. We propose to expand it to cover all our assets but also extend it to have capacities for repair and refurbish to herald circular economic thinking. We have been and continue to be aware of guarding the asset through its life and if possible, take steps to extend the life.

We have been witnessing changing wind patterns and some researchers attribute this to changing climate. We have conducted a detailed study to understand such climate changes and made provisions for mitigation and management.

Mr. Bharath Kumar N

VP, GAM-Wind

This year it was full of challenges and new initiatives for making Greenko stand out as a unique IPP. Challenges & Initiatives like Urvakonda evacuation, WINSOM initiative and Borampalli 220 KV line made us think about out of the box solutions that came out with flying colours. We had been thorough and received valuable training, which in turn made us run operations smoothly & effectively.

Mr. Srinivasa Rao