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Greenko Integrated Management System

The Greenko Integrated Management System is an instrument established to drive standardization of processes across the operations of the group, in line with Greenko’s values of compliance and ethics and in conformance with global standards.

The Group has established the Greenko Integrated Management System (GIMS) that operates in accordance with global best practices. GIMS integrates Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, Information Security, Energy, and Social Accountability Management Systems (QEHS-IS-En-SA) as per the requirements of ISO standards, the ESMS (Environmental and Social Management Systems) as per the requirements of IFC performance standards, Sustainability reporting as per the requirements of GRI Standards, and Integrated reporting as per the requirements of IIRC are also integrated into GIMS. Various sites of Greenko are certified by DNV-GL for implementing ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 27001:2013.

At Greenko GIMS standardizes all its business processes to ensure uniformity of all processes across sites. GIMS ensures implementation of strategies formulated by the top management. GIMS has introduced an Excellence Model which is called GIMS Rating System to drive a culture of excellence throughout the organization.

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GIMS framework

Further, in 2020, GIMS conducted three IR Conclaves to inculcate integrated thinking throughout the organization. GIMS has also undertaken Climate Risk Assessment of critical manufacturing assets. The company’s strategy is aligned to harness significant shifts in regulations, markets, and behaviours in the transition to Decarbonization.

However, the physical risks of climate change to its assets and uncertainty in generating revenues due to shifts in wind pattern, sunshine, and hydrological flows is a challenge. In some assets and some periods, it may be advantageous, and, in some others, it could result in lesser power generation. The initial analysis reveals that such things may balance out due to geographical spread and technological variety of the portfolio. However, accelerating digitalization is necessary across all assets to improve adaptive and predictive systems that are essential for fulfilling strategic objectives.

Greenko Integrated Management System is vital for meeting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and for addressing and managing risks. GIMS integrates all the systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling standardization to achieve our unified objectives and thereby, helping us to continually improve

Mr. Syed Saleem Basha