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Future Projects

Greenko continuously seeks and harnesses opportunities to expand its generation portfolio, through both organic and inorganic growth, to achieve its target of generating 30 BU by 2023. Accordingly, a total of six projects are under construction with a licensed capacity of 254.5 MW, comprising one wind project with a licensed capacity of 20 MW, five hydropower projects with a licensed capacity of 234.5 MW. The Sorang Hydroelectric Project with installed capacity of 100 MW is near completion stage and is a run of the river scheme on Sorang Khad, a tributary of Sutlej river in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, India. There are also 6 hydropower projects under active development with a total licensed capacity of 369.0 MW.

Further, there are Three integrated renewable energy storage projects (IRESP) under pre-construction phase, the Pinnapuram IRESP, Saundatti IRESP and MP 30 Gandhi Sagar Standalone Pumped Storage Project (SPSP) with a total generation capacity of 8.7 GW with national grid connectivity. The IRESPs are expected to harness the power of solar and wind resources with digitally connected storage infrastructure to provide scheduled and flexible power to the grid. Greenko has license to build and operate multiple IRESPs across five states with a daily storage capacity of 40GWh.

IRESP Pinnapuram

The proposed Pinnapuram Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Project (IRESP) has been conceived as the world’s first and largest Gigawatt-Scale Integrated Project with solar, wind, and pumped storage components. All three components of Pinnapuram IRESP are in close vicinity of each other and therefore, power from all three components will be commonly pooled.

The IRESP consists of four key components which are as follows,

IRESP Saundatti

Saundatti Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Project (IRESP) has been envisaged to be a 2660 MW project comprising of 1260 MW of Standalone Pumped Storage Project (PSP), 1000 MW Solar and 400 MW Wind energy project. Thereby, Greenko is planning to harness PSP, solar and wind potential in the state of Karnataka to supply dispatchable and schedulable renewable energy to the national grid.